RLGT Meet & Greet: Raymond █♣█

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RLGT Meet & Greet: Raymond


Who are you? 

Full name: Raymond Diep

Age: 20

Occupation: Contributor for RLGT and in school to become a mechanical engineer.

What city are you repping?

Calgary, Alberta. Born and raised.

Top 3 favourite albums/mixtapes of all time, and why?

There’s no way I could collapse my entire library of music into three individual records that represent who I am. Music is constantly changing and evolving and so are we as human beings. As a result, here are my CURRENT top 3 projects:

1. Yeezus – Kanye West: If I could I put all six albums on this list I would, but right now Yeezus is the album I choose from Mr. West because of the inspiration factor. Completely different from his other work, Kanye West has never been scared to use his platform as an elite artist to express his artistry and continuously challenge the current barriers that are in place on him to put out great products.

2. Zero Heroes – XV: To put XV on my list was a no-brainer. I’ve been following XV for quite some time now and his 2011 release of Zero Heroes instantly cemented him as one of my favorite rappers in this current era. I’m sure myself and the rest of his legion of Squarians are anxiously waiting for his newest album, “The Kid With the Green Backpack” to drop. So PLEEEEAAASSEEEEE XV, drop it!

(P.S. If by now you haven’t googled it, please take some time to admire the album cover for Zero Heroes. It’s probably the best album cover for any album I’ve ever seen. How many faces can you recognize?)

3. A Place Like This (EP) – Majid Jordan: Never have I ever listened to a single project and weighed all the songs equally in rank. But with this 5 song tape, it finally breaks that curse. As a younger self I absolutely loved listening to RnB (I mean, I still love it but don’t listen to it as much…) and those such as Ne-Yo, Trey Songz, Mario and etc. definitely help build my taste in music growing up as a child. Majid Jordan brings back that same energy I once felt when I was younger; he is the epitome of new era RnB with the use of current popular beats and melodies but staying true to the vocal art that I truly appreciated then and now.

Who are your favourite artists right now?

In no order: Chance The Rapper, Childish Gambino, Jaden Smith, Raury, Johnny Rain, SPZRKT, Sango

(Below: One of my favourite Sango tracks at the moment)

How would you describe your writing style to the RLGT readers out there?

Straight-forward. Technical. Genuine. I think those three words accurately define the way I view music and the world in general. With whatever work I am doing, I try and put in sincere thought and judgement into it so others can enjoy and appreciate it.

Finish the sentence: The most interesting thing about Canadian Urban Culture is 

the way it continuously defines the youth of Canadians and bringing them together in preparation of the future. With over 36 million residents in Canada, it is probably one of the top countries when it comes to having a diversified society with many different races living together harmoniously at once. It’s a beautiful thing to see how common interests can create a special bond between those of different religions and values, both in real life and online. RLGT is a very great example of this idea, with all the members’ family roots coming from out of Canada.

With the surge of Canadian hip-hop and other facets of music and media that has happened in the past few years, it has helped the Canadian Urban Culture tremendously to shape it’s own identity and let the rest of the world know what we Canadians can contribute to. It opens doors for young and even older Canadians to become more creative and innovative with a higher chance of being recognized and appreciated by different audiences around the world.

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received_m_mid_1387911467350_21f2174347ec14a883_0(The dumbest picture of me I could find… tryna’ prove to y’all I got some personality too haha)

Being a part of RLGT has changed my life, both personally and professionally. I couldn’t have asked to be in a better position with the team. Everyone here are truly wonderful people; I think that we all believe in the right values and virtues that will help redleafgoldteeth blossom into something great for Canadians to appreciate and for audiences outside of Canada to understand our culture in a unique and fascinating way.

I look forward to growing with y’all!

– Raymond

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