RLGT Meet & Greet: Husson █♣█

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RLGT Meet & Greet: Husson

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Who are you?

My name’s Husson.

I’ve never had a nickname cause people have a hard enough time pronouncing my real name. Ya’ll can call me whatever you like though.

Age: 20.

Occupation: Full-time BCS student, and I work at a couple different gyms to help feed the family. (Feed the fam, buy some shoes, same difference.)

What city are you repping?

Calgary, Alberta.

Born, raised, and will die here.

Top 3 favourite albums/mixtapes of all time, and why?

Let me start off by saying whatever everyone else always says, narrowing this list down to just three is almost impossible. Collecting music has been a hobby of mine since I learned how to use the internet, and it hasn’t slowed down ever since. However, I’ll try and narrow this down to just three.

1. Kid Cudi – Man on the Moon II: The Legend of Mr. Rager 

A lot of you may know me as the guy that wrote the Kid Cudi letter, so it’s only fitting that I throw this on the list as number one.

Scott’s sophomore effort will always have a place on this list considering the time in my life that it was released.

2011 was the year I lived the life on a very typical 16-year-old. I grew up, I rebelled, I was sad as fuck for no reason at times, and I learnt more than a few lessons.

These waves of emotion at that age wouldn’t have been the same if I didn’t have a soundtrack that perfectly complemented the experiences that I was living.

2. The Weeknd – Echoes of Silence

If you haven’t noticed the fact that I tend to get all sentimental about the music I listen too, you’ll quickly come to that realization with some of the upcoming segments we have planned.

Introduction to The Weeknd’s music severed as a turning point in my ever-evolving musical taste. I started off as a grungy metal kid, evolved into a self-proclaimed hip-hop head, and the release of the trilogy in 2011/2012 really helped bring out my appreciation for vocal delivery and instrumentation.

I could have picked any of the three sections of the Trilogy, but I feel like EOS serves as the best showcase of Abel’s ability to demonstrate why he really is the king of RnB.

Oh and I’ve been to a lot of different lives shows over the last couple years, but the Weeknd’s live rendition of ‘Outside’ is definitely my most memorable live musical experience.

3. Mike Posner – One Foot Out the Door

Number three always has to be the outta-left-field choice right? (Shots at Gurnoor for picking Ta-Ku) In reality though, Mike Posner has been one of favourite singers since I first heard this tape back in 2010.

Not only was I taken aback by his abstract vocal approach that just seemed to fit his own unique production talent, I was also just impressed with his story. He was just another college kid that had a dream to do some cool shit, and that’s exactly who we all are.

Just like he was sitting back in his dorm in ’08 making the beats for his first mixtape, I’m sitting here writing this blog post from the front desk of my University fitness centre. As marginalized students we all should have aspirations to become something bigger than our limits allow, and sometimes all you need is to be witness to someone else’s success in order to help manifest your own.

Who are your favourite artists right now?

Anyone that knows me knows me knows that I get pretty comfortable with the choices and decisions I make in life, and that definitely includes the music that I chose to listen too. So often you’ll find me posted up listening to the same old albums and mixtapes periodically depending on the season of the year.

But some of the artists I’m always listening too include: Kid Cudi, JMSN, Florence and the Machine, Charles Hamilton, Banks, Asher Roth, The Knux, Mike Posner etc.

Check out this cut from the new Knux album “Eleven” down below.

How would you describe your writing style to the RLGT readers out there?

My writing style has always been my very own, and it’s continuously evolving.

My experience in writing ranges from emotional high school Tumblr posts to nationally published journalistic articles, so ya’ll know I got a little bit of everything to offer.

Finish the sentence: The most interesting thing about Canadian Urban Culture is

Constantly evolving, and in a positive direction.

I’ve always considered myself to be an optimist about my life and the direction in which the world around me is heading, and that includes the Urban Culture here in Canada. I meet more and more like minded individuals almost everyday, and its absolutely amazing to see this modern day revolution of culture evolving before us.

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There isn’t much more for me to say here, I feel like this post serves as a little introduction to who I am, and what I’m all about, but stay tuned for the more personal direction that myself and the rest of us here at RLGT are taking, and we’ll all be considering ourselves fam before no time.

Stay tuned!

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