RLGT x Canadian Artists Tee Shirt Pre-Order Info (First Run) █♣█


Alright, the moment you all (all 6 of you) have been waiting for! The RLGT x Canadian Artists first run Tee in officially available for pre-order. In this series of tee shirt, we get local Canadian artists to give us their own take on the soon-to-be iconic, Canadian Box Logo or redleafgoldteeth. While taking influences from the country around us, we act as an example, and hopefully inspiration, to young Canadian creatives and entrepreneurs about being taste-makers, not taste-testers. Their are influences all around this wonderful country that we believe we can grow from! The first tee in our series was designed by a budding Calgary web-designer and student, Umer!

The first spin on our Canadian Box Logo, by our first Canadian artist, Umer. This will be proudly displayed on the back off all of our tees and tanks!

To keep things simple, basically we were expecting about 4 or 5 people to actually show some interest in a shirt, but once we got about 50 different requests, we decided to make them publicly available! Since the cost of getting 50+ tees printing is well over $900, which we don’t have, we decided to do this through a crowd-fund, pre-order kind of process.



How it will work is instead of using pay pal or anything difficult and convoluted like that, you will be able to either:

1) Pay us in cash if you live in the Calgary area. We are situated all around the city, so text either myself, Negele at 403 999 7591, or Husson at 403 918 0018!

2) Send us an E-Transfer to the email address redleafgoldteeth@gmail.com. Include your full name, size (S,M,L,XL, XXL), a style wanted, and color (if applicable). IF SHIPPING IS NEEDED PLEASE INCLUDE 5$ TO YOUR ORDER.

Shirts will be available in an American Apparel unisex tee, that comes in Black for 25$ (pictured below), or Sleeveless unisex shirts that come in both black and white for 20$ (pictures soon).These prices are at just about cost, plus the shipping we are incurring (we are getting tee’s produced in Victoria, BC to keep the whole project Canadian based as much as possible), and small profits that will be directly put back into the business. Samples, domain names, designs, etc do not come cheap, but we intend to provide y’all with the best quality when it comes to anything we do. Our tees are printed on American Apparel shirts as well, which add quality, but also adds cost.

Pre-order ends Monday, May 11th, and expect first deliveries to take about 3 weeks!

Any questions about sizing, or anything else, feel free to contact myself or Husson!

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