RLGT x #TBT: Travi$ Scott Ft. T.I. & B.o.B – Animal


If you’ve been lurking on internet forums, or have friends that are really dedicated to Lord Yeezus (Shouts out to Husson) this news shouldn’t be new to you. However, to those that haven’t heard, this may seem rather surprising.

Just recently, Kanye’s former, the one with the huge derrière (Amber Rose) went up on a stage and said “Stop playing n***** I used to F***.” (Cuz the club was playing Kanye west, and she was drunk, so she was trippin’). She went on to state that Travi$ Scott ghostwrites for Kanye West. Now I have no idea as to how she would know this, as Travi$ started to mess with GOOD music after Amber and Ye broke up. I don’t agree with this statement, but I don’t disagree with it either, because some of Kanye’s lyrics have been dumbed down, especially on Yeezus (he really isn’t the best lyricist).

Now, with this drama out of the way, what this situation does is put the spotlight on the boy Travi$ Scott. This kid is still on the come up, and has been making music since he was 16 (so about 7 years now). One thing that I’ve always admired about his music is that for the most part, it’s produced by himself.

He doesn’t rely on many others to help him with the actual musical aspects of his music like many other rappers do. His lyrics may be mundane at times, but I usually get past that by understanding that this guy actually knows a little about music theory (unlike many other rappers). In this sense, he is like a “young Kanye” (overused comparison, but it’s the only one I got).


Now this track “Animal” was released before Travis Scott met Kanye, and label mate T.I. put it on Hustle Gang’s Get Dough Or Die mixtape and blessed it with a feature on the track. The song, to me at least, is representative of all of Travis’ work.

tsWe lost in the world who’s feeling safe

It’s parked outside been in the case

We walk outside feel like a mason

The preacher at the altar to tell you to have a taste

White win, go ahead and sip your race

And walk in the closet and feel amazed

It feels really wide and open, but at the same time, the song is really tight when bass kicks in. The drums in this song do however do sound awfully similar to the ones on the track “Monster” by Kanye, Jay, Cyhi and others but I won’t get into Travi$’ sketchy past in this article. From what I hear though, the synths and other nuances of the song were produced by Travi$ himself. This song, was the upstart of this man’s career, and to me is representative of the majority of Travi$ Scott songs we hear today.


– G.Daddy

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