RLGT Style: Shades of Summer #outfitgrid

redleafgoldteeth style praises Canadian fashion. In this segment we show you what we are currently rocking, while giving a couple tips along the way. Be inspired by the world around you, but put your own twist on it. Be a tastemaker, not a tastetester!

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Raymond here, back with another RLGT Style this week. I hope all of you are enjoying your summers so far. For the students that are done another hard year’s of work, for the ballers who are getting get to hit the outdoor courts, summer is the perfect time to take some time to relax, have fun and focus on more on things that mean most to us (travels, family/friends, and obviouslyyy fashion).

Continuing on the series, we continually try and show you guys new and refreshing outfits every single week. Hopefully we can inspire you to become a tastemaker, not a taste-tester (our motto, haha). Hospey loves showing off his colors, as for me, I love the blacks and calm colors. Its all about being unique and different.



For this week’s choice, I decided to match AA with AA… (That’s a whole lot of A’s. And I’m Canadian, ehhhhhhhh) American Apparel is one of my personal favorites because of their simplicity. Their styles are modern and casual, making it an optimal choice for any occasion.

Let’s talk a bit about the shirt – respectively so as it IS the highlight of the outfit. A big shout out to Husson because I actually got it from him. After many years under his precise love and care, he decided to pass it along to this fool here with no disregard for keeping his clothes clean. Even with its age, the design retains its industry relevance through its timeless logo design.

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Reason being I chose to wear a hoody over a shirt like that… well I don’t know… I just thought it looked dope together and I just felt like it. Plus in the summer season (In Calgary) it’s still appropriate to carry around hoodies because of the mysterious nature of weather that goes around here. Anyways, I’d thought I would leave you to a quote I found about love, because it seemed “fitting” with the shirt. Check out next week for another exciting RLGT style along with other features that we do here on this site. Have a great Tuesday!

“Love isn’t something you find. Love is something that finds you.” – Loretta Young


– Raymond



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