They’re Back: Feel It In The Aer This Summer

Beach body season is coming up, that means everyone is mobbing down to the nearest beach, with all the brodies and brodettes,  in the hoo-whip, and summer music is necessary. A full year after Aer The Album, and 7 months after their last track, summertime frat-rap legends Aer are finally back with some new music perfect for the aforementioned occasion.

Aer has been on my radar since 2012 when “Floats My Boat” dominated that summer, and has found its way back into my summer rotation each year since, when the beautiful weather and cold drinks find their way back. After a pal of mine told me about their newest release “I can’t help it”, I knew I couldn’t let this one pass without alerting the public. The Aer duo is known for laid-back flow, and reggae-pop inspired beats, and we get more of that perfect equation on the new track. True brodie tunes.

Peep the video below, which chronicles the flow-bros cruising through Hawaii with a couple beautiful ladies enjoying life, while rocking some pretty clean gear from CivilRegime. If you dig the new tune, head over to iTunes to cop it. Hopefully this is just beginning of a lot more new music for Aer. Find out where this track lands on Pt. 1 of our summer mix, due out later this week!

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