RLGT Mix: Shmacked Summer (Pt. 1/3)

4. Hours. Of. BANGERS.

As mentioned 22,987 times before, I slightly enjoy making mixes occasionally… a big hit on my personal page last year, was my “Shmacked Summer” series. Fans of last summers “Shmacked Summer” mixes rejoice, as its back for 2015! The most banging summer playlist series returns, courtesy of redleafgoldteeth x Hospey!

Just like last years mixes “Shmacked Summer” will be a 3 part series, each featuring 50+ of the craziest new hip hop, electronic, and top 40 songs, perfect for all summer activities, with a full wrap up at the end. On this first mix you will experience the up and downs, starting with some up-beat slappppers, slowing down a bit to embrace the laid-back summer lifestyle, before picking back up again to go out with a bang! Look out for all new tracks and remixes from Drake, Diplo, Aer, YONAS, DJ Carnage, and more!

Long story short; You’re going to want to TURN THIS ONE UP!

Stream the new mix below, or on the brand new official RLGT 8tracks page (with that shiny “music blog” tag) and please be sure to LEAVE A LIKE if you enjoy! Lets get this mix trending! Shoutout to the new RLGT house artist caerus.exe for the amazing cover art, be sure the drop a follow on his Instagram page, and look out for more from him soon!

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