RLGT x #TBT – Common – Be (10 Year Anniversary)

To commemorate the 10 year anniversary release of his sixth studio album Be released on May 23, 2005, and one of my personal keepers, this week’s throwback is dedicated to one of Chicago’s finest, Common.

Instead of typically highlighting one track, this week I would like to share my three favourite songs off the album, and why.

Let’s first dive into the very first track of the project, “Intro”.

This has GOT to be one of the best introductions I’ve ever listened to, period. The depth that the beat goes to into, and the build-up; OH ttttthheeeee build up! Be was entirely executively produced by Mr. Kanye West. That being said, most of us know him most for his rapping but let’s not forget that before he made the move into the industry, he was once on the come-up as a producer and Be proved to be one of Yeezy’s best productions ever to date.


“The Food” is one of those ‘feel-good-happy-beat-head-bumpin’ tracks. What’s so awesome about this track is that they put a live rendition on the album.

It was speculated that they thought that the performance they did on the Chappelle’s Show was better than the recorded version and decided to insert it into the line-up instead. I found and listened to the CDQ, and I must agree that the live version is better.

Live performances provide a different element to the song, whether it’s the change of tone, the emotion or the hearing the yelling from the crowd. I think that’s what Common wanted us to experience.

I luckily found the visual that accompanied the live performance; check it out below!

Lastly, my favourite track hands-down off Be is “They Say”. I believe the first time I heard any track off this album was this. But it wasn’t even the CDQ, but it was live performance they did for some AOL music session (wonder who still remembers AOL). From my first listen, I instantly realized the skill level that Common had as a rapper and a poet.


Three great things about this video.

1) The opening monologue that blends into the track by Common,

2) Ye’ and Common providing their own taste to John Legend’s chorus, and

3) how Common retains his swag with that huge ass stain on his shirt.

– Raymond

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