RLGT Head To Head Review: A.L.L.A. vs. The Growing Process

This is a new experimental series I’ll be running for a little bit. Basically, there is too much good music coming out right now that I want to review, so instead of doing one 100 word review a week, I’m going to be posting a couple “head to head” reviews over the next few weeks. If you dig the series, let me know in the comments so I can keep it up! Enjoy!

dizzyasapRLGT Head To Head Review:

ASAP Rocky – At Long Last ASAP vs. Dizzy Wright – The Growing Process

David vs. Goliath? Kind of. I’d say a more accurate description  is one established artist with a highly anticipated album, that is only needed to maintain his standing, vs. a highly toted up-and-comer with something to prove; ASAP Rocky vs. Dizzy Wright.

After seeing the Dizzy album had leaked I quickly scampered over to Viperial last week, and had to see what the hype was about. I had listened to the last mixtape from Dizzy, The Golden Age, but I wasn’t too familiar with Dizzy besides features and stuff. But then it was almost as if as fast as my hype was built it, that balloon burst as the new ASAP album leaked the very next day, without me even getting the chance the give Mr. Wright a solid chance. Don’t fret though, about a week ahs passed, and somehow with all the great projects dropping across all genres (Major Lazer vs. HudMo later this week..), I have been able to get through both albums so far, and my conclusions might be pretty surprising to some. Similar to my 100 word reviews, I will keep my review for both of these albums brief, so you can spend less time reading, and more time listening to all that gooood stuff.

ASAP_Rocky___ALLA_At_Long_Last_ASAP_498_498First to get a solid listen through was ASAP Rocky’s latest collection of drugged out, jiggy tunes, At Long Last ASAPalso known as ALLA. This one was pretty important to me, strictly due to the fact that much of the album was dedicated to the late ASAP Yams, who was one of my biggest inspirations in starting this site, so I was very excited to see what Rocky had up his sleeve for this project. Overall, the project was surprising to me, in the fact that Rocky chose to take many risks (which subsequently paid off), on a project that could be merely used to “maintain”, such as tracks like “LSD” which ended up being one of my favourite off of the whole project. In addition, Flacko was able to snag some HUGE features, including Rod Stewart (yes, that Rod Stewart), UGK, Bone Thugs N Harmony, as well as a new verse from ‘Ye. Its safe to say, Rocky doesn’t play it safe on A.L.L.A.

Standout Tracks: “LSD” – minimal rapping, but something different and awesome. “Wavybone” ft. Juicy J and UGK – just some classic south inspired ASAP music. “Jukebox Joints” ft. Kanye West – “ft. Kanye west”. need I say more?

growing processOn The Growing ProcessDizzy Wright delivers a strong 16 song project (I’m really digging these longer projects we’ve been seeing lately). Similar to ASAP, Dizzy garners quite a few decent features for his stature, including both Krayzie and Layzie bone on separate tracks, plus KRIT, Tech N9ne, and more. In contrast to ALLA I feel like the features don’t quite add much to this project. My only other problem with the project is the lack of risks taken. Although admitted earlier I am not overly knowledgeable in the entire Dizzy Wright catalog, the whole project sounds waaay too similar to all of the other Dizzy Wright music I have heard in the past. I will also add that this is my project with a few of the other Funk Volume artists as well… I mean have you heard a Hopsin track that doesn’t sound like “Ill Mind”? Overall Dizzy proves his lyricism and rapping skill through the entire album, but there is just too much “smoking” music.

Standout tracks: “Good Vibes” – The only track that really stood out as slightly different to me. “Will It Last” ft. Njomza – who doesn’t like a classic rap beat, with a female chorus? Great closer to the album, and an even better question.

ASAP Rocky (82/100) defeats Dizzy Wright (70/100)

In the end, Rocky really surprised me with the many different sounds he experimented with on this project, while Dizzy disappointed me a bit by staying too much within his comfort zone. Both projects were more than adequate, but int he end Rocky showed why we is poised to be one of the more memorable acts of our generation when its all said and done, with another great project to add to his catalog.

Two Words; RIP Yams,


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