Leader of The New School: Yonas Is #GoingPlaces

Life ain’t free, but alright lets see,
What the world brings you, with a guy like me

If you’ve followed this blog at all during our brief history, you’ll be quite familiar with an artist by the name of YONAS. Known for his zany remixes, and creative originals, YONAS has been pushing the boundaries of the mainstream for years. Recently, fusing hip-hop with more electronic sounds has been his sound of choice for his remixes (especially on his #FREEMIXTUESDAYS remixes), and his recently released EP Going Places includes much of the same, plus much more of his his signature sound. Today marks 1 week since the release, and once again YONAS finds his fan base growing immensly thanks to his perfect-for-summer sound. Thanks to the power of the internet, we were able to chat with YONAS a bit in our classic Q and A style, and find out about some of his influences and a little more about the EP.



Q. Who are you?


Q. What city are you repping?


Q. Describe your style of music, and your biggest influences:

A: I would say its a cross over of hiphop and pop. Better known as frat music. I love fun vibrant beats but I like the stay consistent with the lyrics and make sure they still have meaning behind them. Kanye, kid Cudi, B.o.B have all influenced my style

Q. For those who haven’t check it out yet, what can fans expect from this new project?

A: The project is all original songs. I wanted to make something for everyone to enjoy over the summer. Its good positive vibes and is something everyone from all walks of life can enjoy.

Q. Where can we hear your music?

A: My music is across the internet. Youtube, ITunes, google play, spotify, Pandora, on my fb, twitter, instagram, snapchat. Any music outlet should carry it.

Q. What do you have to say to your Canadian fans out there?

A: Canadian fans.. I cant wait to come visit and perform for you all!

Q. Finish the sentence: The hardest lesson I’ve had to learn about the industry is:

A: [The hardest lesson I’ve had to learn about the industry is] …is you can easily lose yourself in it. Stay true to who you are

As a long time fan, I found the latest EP to be extremely refreshing. Each song leading into the other perfectly, all coming together to create a whirlwind of feeeels. The intro, “Live It Up” is enough to get you dancing before you even get 2 minutes into the tape, and “This Goes Out To You” perfectly wraps up the NY artist’s first project since 2013’s The Transition: Deluxe.

The highlight of Going Places for any YONAS fan though, has to be “Night Is Young”. In classic YONAS fashion, “Night Is Young” features brilliant fusion of Hip-hop and an electronic drop to combine for tasteful party music. It’s enough to bring back the same feelings you had when you listened to “I Don’t Give A Damn” back in 2012, or even his more recent #FREEMIX of Taylor Swift’s “Blank Space”. Its this versatility that truly makes YONAS one of the forging artists in this new-school style of hip-hop.

Overall, the season vet shows why he deserves to be mentioned among the biggest names. while “bringing content back to popular music. Going Places isn’t your typical “party” music, it’s the type of stuff you can really bump and not cringe when you listen to the lyrics. It’s the type of stuff you can play in any setting and still connect to. It’s the brilliant sampling of “Tell Me”. It’s the flossin’ of “Photo”. It’s the fact that when you listen to YONAS you feel always feel like this music was made exactly for you. This is how YONAS has built such a stong international fan-base without a major label. Very few artists, “big” or not can say the same.


As mentioned Going Places is out now, so listen to the project in it’s entirety below! If (inevitably, when) you dig the music, head over to iTunes and support YONAS. It’s awesome when humble artists who do everything for the fans, get shown that love back. Join YONAS’  almost 80,000 fans on Facebook, and Twitter and let him know you appreciate the grind!

For now though, its clear that YONAS is Going Places…

Two words; one love,


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