RLGT X #TBT – Wiz Khalifa- Kush & Orange Juice

Just yesterday, Yung khalifa released the music video for his song “Lit”. I was really excited to see it up in my news feed, cause lets face it, the boy has been dropping straight fire since he broke up with Amber Rose. As soon as I pressed play, I was left with an enjoyable 2 minute and 23 second nostalgia trip. This song could have easily fit on one of Wiz’s first mixtapes, Kush & Orange Juice.

Kush and OJ, at the time of its release (around 2010), was the first underground Hip Hop Mixtape I had the pleasure of listening to, and to this day it still bumps in the whip. Keeping in mind that I don’t smoke weed, the thing about Wiz’s music is that it’s so relaxing. Every song on Kush and OJ could get your blood pressure down 10 points, no ganja necessary.

One of my favorite songs off the album was “Mesmerized”. The title of the song probably originated from the hypnotic beat that it included. The snares popped out real nice, they were mixed real sharp. The synth choir that comes in during the chorus still gives me chills to this day, and the 808 cowbell is always a nice touch to any stoner song (shoutsout to Cardo for the production). And well for Wiz, he stayed true to himself on this song. Straight rapping about his weed, girls, and clothes.

“I don’t love ’em, I don’t chase ’em, I duck ’em
Try to get paper how to fuck her don’t know shit about her
I take you up where it’s cloudy, ain’t one them lames still rockin’ prada”

Its not like he’s trying to be fake. He really does smoke a lot of weed, get a lot of girls, and rock the freshest S***.

The Taylor gang general is also known for having a copious amount of Tattoos. Thus is the reason for the next song “Ink My Whole Body”. For some, this song is about getting tattoos, and for the most part it is. All Wiz talks about in this song is getting inked up, but for me it’s more than that. Its about doing whatever the F*** you want to do, regardless of what others say (as corny as it sounds, its a nice life lesson).

By far the best song on this album (for me at least), was “In the Cut”. I can’t even type out how I feel about this song, its so god damn cloudy. Like, actual clouds in our atmosphere probably listen to this song when they’re chilling. There’s no real subject matter in the song (other than smoking weed, lool its wiz you should know this by now). However, this is the perfect example of one of those songs that gets your systolic and diastolic blood pressure levels down low to healthy levels. Wiz Khalifa is, and will always will be good for your heart health.


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