Sh*t We Like: Week of June 8th

Welcome back for another edition of Sh*t We Like. In this segment we will be highlighting things that we find dope, that we think you should check out. This will range from accounts we are following, music we are listening too, clothes we are wearing, and the products we are using. Each week a different writer will be chiming in, so you’ll get a little taste of all our unique styles.

Without further ado, lets get into it.



WHAT WE ARE LISTENING TO: Surf & ALLA (Donnie Trumpet and The Social Experiment and A$AP Rocky)


surf-artwork1Two weeks later, and I’m still trying to digest these two albums.

Nowadays how music industry is continuously moving, it’s almost hard for me to enjoy brand fresh new albums when tons of material are dropping on a consistent basis. But with these two, you HAVE to take your time listening to these.

I’ve listened to these albums a couple times through, and what I can say is that I’m truly impressed. Against a lot of early criticism from what I’ve read about SurfI think that the project is something society needs and my boy Hospey mos def knows about the impact of this album.

As far as ALLA, it has been nothing short of  brilliance. With all you want from a modern day hip-hop album; the lyrics, the bangers, the experimental tracks that got you on the edge, these elements have found success for Mr. Rocky. Big shout outs to A$AP Yams (RIP) and of course the drugs (…for inspiring this album of course, nothing more).



If you’re read to drop everything you’re doing and spend the next few hours laughing hysterically, then look no further in checking out this extensive gallery posted on imgur about everything right, wrong and everything in between about black culture.

With a flippin’ total of 445 memes for you to scroll through, this hilarious set of images contains a huge scope of topics that even for myself, I couldn’t separate them because of how unique each photo was. If this album doesn’t get you hooked then you got problems, lots of them.




This man right here is the definition of a mother fuckin’ chiggggaa.

Aside from his wacky but interesting outfits, this Chinese mainland mother fucker has been in the media spotlight for quite awhile now. After selling off “Fresh Off The Boat” to ABC and now renaming his Vice show to “Huang’s World“, Eddie’s success has remained due to his out-of-this-world persona that can be manifested into today’s urban culture. With his love for food, hip-hop, and obviously his stiiickkkyyy, Eddie Huang continues to be one of my inspirations because he’s one of the few successful Asian-Americans making it, and I believe his presence in the media will be help a lot of young Asians across North America wanting to be more than just calculators. (I’m Chinese too)




EP-PG920IBUGUS_3-copy_600As a recent owner of the Samsung Galaxy S6 (yes it’s dope-ass phone) I was able to get my hands on a free wireless charging station as part of the deal. With it’s black sapphire color description, this innovation in technology has changed they way I charge my phone. Although it charges fairly slow, I think it’s usability is worth the purchase.

You can grab your own on Samsung’s site for $49.99. Enjoy charging away!


Hope you dig our suggestions to get yourself summer ready, and be sure to keep an eye out for “Sh*t We Like” every Monday!

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