RLGT 100 Word Review: Dom Kennedy by Dom Kennedy

Every Friday you can now expect a new RLGT 100 word review! This was a definite fan favourite from Phase 1, so we wanted to bring it back for y’all, with even more frequency! We know when you read a review you want to spend less time reading and more time listening (depending on the review, I guess), so that is why we always keep it short and sweet. 100 words, give or take… starting now:


 Dom Kennedy, By Dom Kennedy.  Let me start off with the fact that to say I was underwhemled after my first listen would be an understatment. 
Above is my actual tweet (follow me ladies, my tweets be fire, giggity giggity), after my first listen of the album. Personally, I had never really listened to Dom much before, but I had heard a lot about him, and even more so, hype about his album. He was praised as the ideal Summertime rapper. As with most new music I sat down and did my writing for the day, and bumped the album. Usually how it goes for me is a bad album will need to be turned off, and a good album will make me pause to star the amazing tracks and listen again. The effect I had while listening to DK was the feeling of background music; it didn’t make me want to turn it off, but it didn’t really do anything for me. 

But then it donned on me: What is ideal summer music? For some reason I had something in my head that was definitely not Dom Kennedy and I never really gave it a fair chance to be honest. It wasn’t until cruising on the hottest day of the year so far, when “Fried Lobster” came on, that caused me to turn it up and think “damn, what is this? I don’t remember downloading this, but its smooth as hell!”. The thing about this album is I don’t think its really meant to be put out there to stunt or floss. Its there for those summer days when its too hot out too think, when you don’t feel like rapping every verse, you just wanna cruise with the windows down, and maybe sing along to a relatable hook. Similar to the Rae Sremmurd’s of our lifetime, I beleive when you take this album for what its really meant for, Dom Kennedy by Dom Kennedy gets the job done.

Rating: 82/100 – Solid album overall; I’ve been yet to ind anything that leads me to think this is an outstanding project, but for a summer caddy-slapper, it’s pretty damn good.

Standout Tracks: “Fried Lobster” ft. Bonic – My favourite for sure; This track really has everything a hip-hop fan should love. And its real. “Thank You Biggie” – Another track with that smooth, crisp feel. Aside from “Alhambra”, really only the middle tracks we’re semi-memorable.

Overall, for what it is, the album is good. Not great, but good. I would’ve liked to hear a track or 2… that don’t sound like all the other tracks. It’s also hard to pick out any sort of story as the words almost blend into the beats somehow. 

Still worth the listen for this weekend’s cruising. I can guarantee you’ll find atleast 1 or 2 new tracks for the car playlist.

-Two Words; One Love,


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