#NextWeeksNewBeats (Volume #4)

It’s Sunday, so you know what that means… its Download Day! If you are anything like us, you like to stay updated with all the latest music, and weekends are a time to beef up your iTunes with the weeks finds. Because of this, each weekend we throw together a quick 6 song mix, that we like to call “#NextWeeksNewBeats” to show you all what we are listening to currently, and hopefully give you some suggestions on some songs you can add to your own playlists! Each week will incorporate different writers so you get an wider scope to try!


In case you haven’t heard…

(All video credit goes to Complex)

If you were too lazy to watch the video, basically Soundcloud is enforcing paid subscriptions.

I’ve relied on Soundcloud for many years now as a source to find and track music that I usually don’t come across on more “maintstream” sites. Soundcloud has given users the freedom to express their artisty at absolutely no expense for their listeners like me.

My main concern with the paid subscription system coming to fruition is how it’s going to change Soundcloud’s catalog. With other services like Spotify, Tidal and (recently announced) Apple Music I’ve seen a common trend of these types of services leaning to be more mainstream in order to attract a wider audience.

In no way am I an business analyst of any short, but I’m having a real bad feeling that Soundcloud may change for the worst. I hope that Soundcloud will continue to support anyone who wants to put out great music and don’t fall into the bandwagon of just having Drake on every single playlist.

With the future of Soundcloud looking gray, I dedicated this week to the unknown wonders.  All of the tracks listed were found exclusively on Soundcloud, and as a bonus all of the artists featured are ones whom I’ve never even listened to. Obviously because of the format,  there’s not much I could write on each track without having to use Wikipedia at some point to drop nameless facts. Instead, I’ll let y’all experience the playlist yourselves and you can either agree or disagree with my song choices in this week’s #NewWeekNewBeats.


Be sure to catch next week as we continue to highlight tracks that we find online so you can beef up your playlist for any occassion. Have a good week!

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