RLGT Style: Summer Bliss

redleafgoldteeth style praises Canadian fashion. In this segment we show you what we are currently rocking, while giving a couple tips along the way. Be inspired by the world around you, but put your own twist on it. Be a tastemaker, not a tastetester!
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I`m thrilled and pleasured to be handling this week`s RLGT style. This week we have something special for you, yes that`s right, another women’s feature. I`m sure you are all by now sick and tired of seeing Negele`s killer bod all the time, so we decided to reach out to our good pals Elizabeth and Amanda for some superb fits. (Expect Amanda`s soon) I knew they were the right ones to help out because of their fashion sense and their understanding of today`s social culture.

Before transitioning into their segments, I`d just like to point out how dope these pictures are. These are those crisp photo-shoot-like pictures that were enough to get me out of my seat when I first received them. Without a further ado, I`d like to introduce Liz!

Crop Top from Romwe ($11)
White sneakers from Hong Kong (similar ones from H&M for $30)
High waisted jeggings from H&M
Cardigan also from Hong Kong (similar F21 one here)

“Let’s face it, we live in Canada, and that means that you sometimes don’t have to wear a jacket.  While the hot summer afternoons let you live out those outfits you dreamt of wearing all winter, you might still have to bear the chilly mornings and air-conditioned malls (what horror!). So when shorts aren’t an option, I like to reach for something easy but not boring. And while I always hated the idea of jeggings, I don’t mind these high waisted ones from H&M. They’re versatile, super stretchy liz1and the acid wash sets it apart from your regular black or blue pair.

What else are you going to pair high waisted anything with but a decent crop top. This fringy little number from Romwe keeps the colour palette simple for whatever kind of cardigan you throw on (and it was super cheap). If you’re unsure about ordering online, especially when it’s a questionable Asian website like Romwe, don’t worry. Their stuff is surprisingly good quality and dirt cheap, just stay away from jeans and shoes, and be aware that their one-size fits all is more like one-size fits like a Canadian small. The big plus, is that no one will know where you got it.


Last but definitely not least, the shoes. I’ve been loving the casual sneaker trend, because there’s no way in hell would I wearing heels everyday (but props to you if you do). These are major knockoffs that I got in Hong Kong, but if I didn’t see these for 10 dollars I would be rockin a pair of these Stan Smith Adidas everyday.”


In summary, I think Liz is trying to say “wear whatever the fuck you want”. Honestly, style does not necessarily have to come with a huge bill attached onto it. Liz proved that she can pull off this wonderful vibrant outfit that is highlighted by those acid-wash jeggings and that luscious cardigan. From the streets of New York, to the low-end cheap boutiques in Hong Kong, as long as you know how to compliment your outfit then your style will inevitably be noticed by everyone around you.

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– Raymond

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