RLGT 100 Word Review: Wuavé Season By Spycc

Every Friday you can now expect a new RLGT 100 word review! This was a definite fan favourite from Phase 1, so we wanted to bring it back for y’all, with even more frequency! We know when you read a review you want to spend less time reading and more time listening, so that is why we always keep it short and sweet. 100 words, give or take… starting now:




Wuavé season is here. New Zealand emcee Spycc [pronounced  /spʌɪk/ (spike)] gives us a refreshing 6-track EP to add to our current summer playlists. Those palm trees that stand erect on the album cover reminds me of some beachy vibes, which is very suiting for this EP. Though he lives on the other side of the globe, Spycc is giving us that good ol’ 90’s west coast feel that I’m sure lot of us miss. Alongside the wonderful producers that worked on Wuavé Season, his poise and demeanor adds a unique edge to his rapping and to his overall sound.

(Word count: 100)

Rating: 78/100 Personally I don’t think I could bump this on repeat 24/7, but this EP seems like it would be perfect to play over a BBQ in the backyard with a bunch of my homies.

Standout Tracks: With only 6 tracks on the EP, I would honestly say that they are all equal in my mind. They all possess their own form of uniqueness and awesomeness that make this EP wonderful to listen to.


The internet once again brings cultures together. From New Zealand to Canada, we’re able to experience music from all over the world with a click of a button. I was actually trying to come up with an album to review for this week, but I had no luck. I was on the verge of having nothing to review, but after a few clicks and reads I eventually ended up on this project, and frankly, I’m glad I did.

If you’re down with Spycc and Wuavé Season, then click here for the download link (don’t be shy to show support and adding some $$ to the download), and be sure to follow Spycc on Soundcloud to hear more!


-Ray Ray

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