RLGT Style: My Black Leather Jeans

redleafgoldteeth style praises Canadian fashion. In this segment we show you what we are currently rocking, while giving a couple tips along the way. Be inspired by the world around you, but put your own twist on it. Be a tastemaker, not a tastetester!

If you got a chance to check out last week’s style post and enjoyed that, then this week will be another treat for you! This week’s RLGT Style concludes our two part collaboration with our good friends Liz and Mandy. Last week, Liz killed it with her own inspiring fit. This week, we have Amanda giving you a taste of her own “medicine” as she takes advantage of various casual components to work it into a go-to fit for whatever occasion you feel like it’s necessary.

If you’re down for collabs like these ones, let us know in the comments! I’d like to once again give a big thanks to Liz and Mandy for their contributions. And for our female audience out there, check out Mandy’s own fashion and beauty blog, Nails & Threads. You can keep up to date on the latest trends through her website, instagram, and Twitter!

RLGT STYLE: My Black Leather Jeans

Mandy Lee, Author of nailsandthreads.com


Leggings: H&M (similar here)
Tee: Abercrombie & Fitch (here)
Blazer: H&M (similar here)
Shoes: Forever 21 (similar here)
Rings: H&M (similar here)

Well, I use the term jeans loosely. If I have the option, I would much rather wear leggings, jeggings, joggers, skirts… pretty much anything other than jeans. Not because I like bumming it, but despite the usual perceptions, I am a girl that appreciates stylish comfortability. That’s why these leather panelled leggings are always my go-to bottoms for edging up an outfit. Not only are they ridiculously comfortable, but they’re high waisted, decently thick (unless you’re wearing some cool Calvin briefs, keep your undergarments to yourself no matter how good the sale at VS was) and just simply put, they look fly.

In keeping with the effortlessly-casual-but-still-trying theme, I opted for some croc-print slip ons and what I call a girlfriend fit tee. I’m all for the oversized look, and trust me most things end up being oversized on my petite frame anyway, but there is a limit as to how oversized you can go without looking sloppy. Finding the right balance is key, and this piece embodies exactly that. The loose fit and scoop neckline is balanced out by the cropped length, giving it a necessary feminine touch.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

To amp up the glam factor, I threw on a classic boyfriend blazer and kept the bling to a minimum with these dainty gold pieces. Now for the grand denouement of the look — a fierce red lip to show the boys who’s really boss!


If you liked what you see, take a peek at my blog Nails & Threads. If you want to skip the blabbing, follow me on Instagram because like my good friend Kanye says, this shit’s about to go down! Big thanks to RLGT for letting me to take over this week’s style session.


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