RLGT Top Five: Summertime Jams

Two weeks ago we introduced our first verst RLGT Top Five team collaboration, and now we’re happy too announce the collaboration as our regular Wednesday segment! It’s always nice to get several different perspectives on a particular topic, and if there’s one thing we bring over here at RLGT, it’s diversity. Check out our picks for the top five songs you should get familiar with for this summer! ALSO, stay tuned for our next summer mix coming sooner than you even know….!

1. Vic Mensa – U Mad Ft. Kanye West (Raymond)

It would be illegal for one to go through this track without wildin’ out. This track encapsulates all the ingredients required for a top summer jam: the trap horns, an impregnating chorus, and a turnt’ Yeezus blessing.

Most importantly, what makes a summer jam a summer jam is the ‘jamming’ aspect. When you’re with your homies, blasting “U Mad” a couple notches higher than you usually would with your volume level is essential to making sure all of you properly wild out to this song.

2. KR – Play My Shit (Negele)

I don’t know about you, but I’d say summer 2015 has been pretty low-key so far. You may disagree, but the first half of summer so far hasn’t had that super up-beat vibe to it that some summers have had, but honestly I wouldn’t say it’s the worst thing. For University kids, the 4 months off that we get often get bombarded with just as much as the regular year does, with minimal downtime between Spring courses, trying to maximize party time, and outdoor adventures. “Play My Shit” by KR is my choice for perfect summer song this year, because just like real life, it starts off a little slow, but all the feels are still evident with a little funk mixed in; Plus, the lyrics perfectly represent how dudes be tryna stunt all summer out of the hunny wagon (their my moms whip), while trying to get them to notice em. All of this on top of perfect production by PYRMDPLAZA including a dope solo on the outro (his version of summer stunting for the ladies), makes “Play My Shit” ideal to bump to this summer.

3. Maroon 5 – This Summer’s Gonna Hurt Like A Motherf*cker (The Him Remix) (Negele) 

Time to throw a curve-ball into this list… not only is this next track not hip-hop, its also technically a Maroon 5 song (their first RLGT appearance, welcome). But as mentioned before, urban culture is so expansive now-a-days, I would be hard-pressed to say that EDM hasn’t become part of the culture. Amsterdam DJ duo, The Him, put their own crazy spin on Maroon 5’s summer smash “This Summer’s Gonna Hurt Like A Motherf*cker”, and it’s just so breezy its crazy. It will legit make you want to dance, and with Stampede coming up for everyone making the trip down to Calgary over the next 2 weeks, it’s perfect for all those outdoor, day-drink pre’s around the city! It’s called dance music for a reason, and this track doesn’t disappoint.

4. Kid Cudi – All Summer ft. Rostam Batmanglij & Bethany Cosentino (Husson)

If there’s one song that you have to make sure you play more than a few times, it’s this one. It’s one of those gems that not a lot of folks have heard before, and it’s honestly a shame, because it goes down as a summer time classic in my book.

Cudi’s melodies, Rostam Batmanglij (Vampire Weekend) on the guitar, and a killer hook from Bethany Cosentino all combine for special little summer anthem.

5. Asher Roth – G.R.I.N.D (Get Ready It’s a New Day) (Husson)

If there’s one thing about Asher Roth, it’s that he’s never taken himself too seriously. And if there’s one thing you should focusing on doing this summer, its to not take shit too seriously. That’s why jams like G.R.I.N.D are perfect for this time of year, smooth production underneath Roth’s effortless flow just go hand-in-hand with everything ya’ll should have lined up for the next two months.

Now if there’s a second thing you should take away from Roth and the art he puts out there, it’s the raw positivity. If you make the genuine effort of not taking your life too seriously, it’s only natural that you’ll find yourself surrounded by positivity. So make an effort this summer, listen to positive things, surround yourself around things, and honestly just live positively, life’s not all that bad.

Honourable Mentions:

Threatz – Ekali & Gravez Remix (Slaps harder than Sharkeisha) , Can’t Stop Dancing – Hitimpulse Remix (A perfect track… just too short), Fetty Wap – My Way, Any song ever by Aer


As always, stay tuned for more cool shit! – RGLT Team


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