Stream: Ramriddlz – P2P EP █♣█

“A P2P em say bloooodclat”

The kid Ramriddlz from the 6ix side just dropped this EP recently, and its worth taking a listen to. If you’re familiar with the urban scene in “turuntoe” you should have already been acquainted with the use of patois (or some form of it) in the dialect. Now Ramriddlz ain’t Jamaican, but you can tell Toronto has sure shaped his vocabulary. The beats are produced by a levy of producers, the most common being this guy who goes by the name “Jaegan”.

Ramriddlz isn’t necessarily reinventing the wheel in accordance to the music he makes, but its refreshing to hear a dude just having fun on the track. His voice isn’t horrible to listen to, he makes you laugh, and says “bonana” a lot. Word around the interwebs is that Drake actually remixed his song “Sweeterman“, and if so this guy would definitely blow up if that ever dropped.

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