Sh*t We Like: Week of July 6th

Welcome back for another edition of Sh*t We Like. In this segment we will be highlighting things that we find dope, that we think you should check out. This will range from accounts we are following, music we are listening too, clothes we are wearing, and the products we are using. Each week a different writer will be chiming in, so you’ll get a little taste of all our unique styles.

Without further ado, lets get into it.


WHAT WE ARE LISTENING TO: Soulection Launches their own Radio Show on Beats 1 Radio

Saturday nights just got a little bit better, thanks to Soulection and Beats 1 Radio. As many of you have quickly learned about Apple Music and it’s many features during their newly 3-month trial. But now, we have much more to look forward to, as the L.A based crew Soulection is getting their own time slot on Beats 1 Radio every Saturday, from 7-9pm.


This is extremely huge for them, as Soulection consists the likes of many new and upcoming taste-makers and now they have the opportunity to be apart of the same platform with many familiar household names and share music at their own wills. The RLGT team is extremely happy about this news and we hope for the continuing growth and success for Soulection!

WHERE WE ARE PARTYING AT: The Calgary Stampede █♣█

downloadDubbed as the “Greatest Outdoor Show in the World”. I always see two (probably three) sides to the Calgary Stampede. 1.) You’re one of those people who just love the Stampede; the rides, the games, the overall atmosphere, and don’t forget the chuck-wagon races. 2) You’re one of those who absolutely think it’s disgusting; the long line ups, the sweat, the sun, just about everything that could go wrong at an outdoor event. 3.) Lastly, you could be those ones who just love to drink and going to the beer gardens is a perfect excuse to do so.

downloadIf there’s ANYTHING that’s common about these three types of  Calgary Stampede goers, it’s that they all end up giving us experiences and memories that many of us will be able to tell later stories to our friends and family (eh, maybe not your family). So for those already call Calgary home or planning to come to Calgary within the next week, the Calgary Stampede runs until next July 12th.


illestrationWow, wow, wow, wow.

Put together hip-hop/rap and popular culture with stunning creations of art and you get something worth appreciating over and over again. Olivia Odiwe, homegrown from London UK is creating buzz in the hip-hop community by using her dope talents to forge wonderful abstract pieces of many recognizable faces that range from Logic, the infamous Floyd and Manny fight, and the Donnie Giclee character played by Jonah Hill in Wolf on Wall Street”. My favourite by far has to be the illustration of Heisenberg and Jesse merged together from the show Breaking Bad. Way to make a bad-ass piece fitting for a bad-ass show. You can check out her own work on her instagram, @iLLESTration.


I hope there are some RLGT x Anime fans in here. I don’t often find time to watch a lot of TV shows or movies. But when I do, surprisingly, I enjoy watching Anime. I know there’s stigma towards Anime, but like any other show Anime have great story lines, great character build ups, and other necessities for a good television.

With that said, if I could recommend one Anime for anyone to watch, it would be Attack on Titan. The animations are just incredible. The drawing is just stellar, and watching this show would definitely be appreciated by those who love to draw. Although they’ve only finished through 1 season, you can expect the second season to be released next year. The story is dark and intense and I found myself finishing the first season in just 2 nights (25 episodes).


The premise of the anime is about the human race fighting against what they can consider as the biggest threat to mankind: Titans. These humongous beings are indefinitely way more superior than humans, as they can be up to 12 meters tall that casually just eat humans whole. The human population is doing it’s best to save themselves from these creatures and hope one day they can overcome the evils of the Titans.


Hope you dig our suggestions to get yourself summer ready, and be sure to keep an eye out for “Sh*t We Like” every Monday!

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