RLGT x TBT: Travi$ Scott – Hell of a Night

Brace yourselves, we might be getting Rodeo this week.

Many outlets are reporting that Travi$ Scott’s new project might soon be at our fingertips, thanks to Tim Westwood’s interview (skip to the 4:35 mark) that revealed that Scott is indeed soon blessing us with one of the most anticipated albums this year.

To celebrate this (hopeful) announcement, this week`s throwback will feature one of my favourites from Scott himself.

Reason for choosing this song: Imagine this – Driving down on the highway, mildly speeding with one of your best friends. You got your windows rolled down all the way letting the intense breeze impacting against your face as you commute towards your destination. To conclude the awesome-ness, you have Travi$ Scott`s “Hell of a Night“ on fulllllll blast, not giving a single shit about what others might have to say about your ignorance.

This happened to me exactly two days ago, and this moment defines a special memory created to commemorate one of the greatest cruises I`ve ever had on the road. It seemed like a perfect song at that moment; the Kanye-esque creativity almost led me to thinking that this track was originally a Kanye West track the first time I heard this.

But Travis shined bright on this one. He gave us a good taste of his own music talent not only on “Hell of a Night“ but throughout then entirety of Owl Pharoah.


For this reason, my excitement has been fully rejuvenated for the release of Rodeo. On behalf of myself and the RLGT team, all of us are hoping you drop this shit ASAP. (Please disregard this statement if Rodeo has been leaked by the time this post has been posted)

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