#NextWeeksNewBeats (Volume #7)

It’s Sunday, so you know what that means… its Download Day! If you are anything like us, you like to stay updated with all the latest music, and weekends are a time to beef up your iTunes with the weeks finds. Because of this, each weekend we throw together a quick 6 song mix, that we like to call “#NextWeeksNewBeats” to show you all what we are listening to currently, and hopefully give you some suggestions on some songs you can add to your own playlists!


This week’s 6-song collection features a lot of the same acts that I’ve been following with and reviewing a lot since I started on this blog.

Earlier in the week I posted about Ta-ku’s new track, Down For You with borrowed vocals from Alina Baraz. To re-iterate what I said in the post, I basically claimed this track to be heavenly. Do you feel the same way?

Referring to above, I mentioned I had featured a lot of the same artists before. Of the 6 tracks though, the only stranger I came across was Olmo’s BreatheThis mellow electronic jam surely brings a nice chilling vibe that is perfect for those late night highway cruises.

The highlight of this week’s #NextWeeksNewBeats has to be Canadian Majid Jordan and their latest track featuring OVO front-man Drake on My LoveI’ve been waiting so long for a new Majid Jordan track. For the past couple of months I caught myself listening to A Place Like This” over and over again. It’s really refreshing to finally exhibit some new sounds from them.

It is only fitting that they returned with a bang by adding everyone’s favourite Canadian on the track. Drake sets the standard again by providing his own vocals to what makes this RnB track into a real summer banger and thus further formulating Majid Jordan’s success in the music world.


I hope you enjoyed this week’s #NextWeeksNewBeats. The RLGT team tries their best to supply you with the latest and the dopest music out there. Stay tuned for next week as we explore the internet once more and give you the good stuff.

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