Story-time: One Man’s Barber…

…how one man’s barber, can be another man’s role model, mentor, coach, teacher, and hero.

Ask almost anyone from Victoria, BC about Troy “T-Bone” Wilson, and not only will they know who he is, they will have nothing but amazing things to say about him. A few weeks ago when he contacted me about my writing, I knew immediately about what I wanted to write about.

As a black man, I obviously take pride in my cut, and after struggling for a few years to find a good barber after moving to Victoria from Edmonton, Status Barbershop was opened when I was in the 10th grade. It’s strange how much something as simple as a hair-cut can do for your confidence, but I can personally pinpoint that as one of the things that helped open up my personality.

At this point in time, Troy was still known as “T-Bone” to me, as he had been a volunteer coach in the Eli Pasquale basketball league for years, but that’s all I had known about him. Fast forward close to 9 years, and Troy has become much more than a basketball coach or barber, to me, and many more in Victoria.

troy1Troy has been much more of a role model, and mentor to the youth of Victoria over anything. From working as a volunteer teacher at the local elementary school, to helping out with various local charities, to his inspiring weight-loss challenge, to the little things like squeezing you in for a quick cut before grad because you ran out of time, or snipping up the groom on his big day, Troy is just one of those people who you can always count on.

In the past 3 years since I have moved away from Victoria, I have stayed in touch with Troy frequently, and his barbershop, Status Barbershop on Yates and Vancouver is always my 2nd stop when I’m back in town (got to go home for some home-cooking first from Momma’, obviously).  The father to 2 new beautiful twins has thousands of clients travelling from all over for his services, but is still the guy who will always remember your name when you come in, and the last conversation you had. Whether is be dancing, rapping, or singing, he will always keep a smile on your face while in his shop.

A hero within Victoria’s black community as a great entrepreneur, through Status, and as a philanthropist through his volunteer work and teaching, Troy Wilson is much more than a barber.


troy2This is how one man’s (or woman’s) barber, can be another man’s role model, mentor, coach, teacher, and hero. (amongst the various other things)

Whether its fixing that nappy head of hair, or helping you through a tough time, Troy is the man. Trust me when I say Status Barbershop is one of the most inviting places you’ll ever step in to, and every trip to Victoria should be accompanied by a trip there, even if to just say hello.

This ain’t a paid endorsement (although Troy, I better be getting a free line-up out of this), but I think most people would agree with what I’ve said above. Find out for yourself at Status Barbershop in Victoria, BC, by going in for a clean fade and a good conversation. The whole staff will make you feel at home! There is a reason they have remained undefeated in the “Best of the City” awards in recent memory!

On behalf of everyone you’ve helped: Thank you, Troy.

Comment below with your best Troy moment


Two words; one love,


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