Sh*t We Like: Week of July 20th

In this segment, we will be highlighting things that we find dope, basically, things that we think you should check out. This will range from accounts we are following, music we are listening too, clothes we are wearing, and the products we are using, etc. Every Monday a different writer will be chiming in, so you’ll get a little taste of all our unique styles.

Without further ado, lets get into it.

Sh* We Like: Week of July 20th (Hospey)

What We Are Listening To: Future – Dirty Sprite 2

future_asukqaBeing hailed as “a rap album [that] the streets needed”, Future delivered his latest album, Dirty Sprite 2 last week. The 18 track project has that mixtape feel that made us fall in love with all of our favourite rappers. With a lone feature from Drake, Future holds down the album with quite a few anchoring bangers, proving he’s not only a hook-man. Look for a full review of DS2 this Friday in our 100 Word Review segment, but until then, bump it for yourself, and come to your own conclusions! Cop the album on iTunes, or stream it on Apple Music, now. (For a completely free stream and DL hit up Viperial!)

What We Are Using: Beme App

Beme? Yes, Beme. Prounounced “Beam”, the latest brainchild from film-maker extrodinaire, Casey Neistat (who featured us on his blog, once upon a time), aims to remove superficial actions from social media for good. Beme is a new app, addmittedly similar to Snapchat, with a few key differences that make it that much more awesome and unique.

beme1. No need to watch what you are filming and miss it for real. Beme automatically records when the phones proximity sensor is covered, meaning you can continue to watch whatever is is you are watching, without seeing it through a screen.

2. You’ll never see what you posted, or have a chance to review, or edit it. Beme auto uploads your 4 second clip to your feed, and you are not able to watch your own Beme’s, ever. Furthermore, you won’t be able to edit your videos with filter or captions, adding to the completely real, not superficial properties of the app.

3. Gone, gone forever. Once you watch a Beme, it disappears forever. (This is one feature I see being changed with futher updates, allowing to replay 1 Beme a day, or something along those lines)

4. Show your reactions, in real time. With the tap of a finger (or flick of the wrist), Beme allows you to send back real-time selfie reactions, at the exact moment of the video you are watching, back to the original poster.

If it still doesn’t quite make sense, peep the quick video below to get the FULL low-down on the new app. Beme is sure to make waves in the social media community, so you can bet you’ll be hearing a lot more about it. Unlock codes are still being distributed, but follow me on Beme @hospey, and stay tuned for more info on an official RLGT Beme account coming in the very near future!

Who We Are Following: Naturel

Visual artist Naturel (real name Lawrence Atiogue), channels hip-hop, fashion, and the world around him to create stunning pieces, often depicting scenes of urban culture. Known for his “vector” art, (basically art that utilizes shapes, usually triangles, to create shading and depth), Naturel has made quite a name for himself not only on Instgram, but throught the art community, and has even began to start venturing in jewelry design. The idea he aim’s to push is the modernization and adoption of fine art into today’s society, and more specifically into urban culture. The idea that web-design can be adopted into the “fine-art” comminuty is a bold one, yet his work proves that it in fact can be done.

Join Naturel’s almost 90k followers on instagram today, to check out more of his work, and head to his website, AllBurgundy, to purchase a canvas for yourself and support the movement.

What We Are Watching: Cut Video – Truth Or Drink

In the latest trend of hilarious, non-scripted YouTube series, channel Cut Video’s Truth Or Drink might be one of the most awkward yet amazing things to hit the interweb’s in a while. Basically Truth or Drink is exactly what is sounds like; friends, couples, exes, etc sit down, and indulge in a game where extremely personal questions are asked, and the person can choose to either answer the question, or take another shot. The outcome is pure hilarity, especially as the alcohol usually ends up loosening up the participants, making for more and more truthfulness (for better or worse). Check out the Exes version of Truth or Drink below, and be sure to subscribe to Cut Video for more!

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