Mick Jenkins Announces New Mixtape, Wave[s]

mickAlabama emcee Mick Jenkin’s is back for more.

After gaining mass notoriety around the hip-hop community from last years tape, The Water[s], Mick Jenkin’s announced yesterday that he will be dropping his next mixtape, titled Wave[s], next month, on August 21st. After dropping a few teasers and tracks all year, this news is accompanied by a brand new single, “Get Up, Get Down”, featuring production by ThemPeople & Stefan Ponce. The album itself is heavily produced by both, as well as Canadian producer Kaytranada, amongst a few others. Frequent collaborator, Saba makes an appearance as well as Sean Deaux and The Mind. Another cool part of the project being that Jenkins enlisted Hayveyah McGowan, a painter from Kansas City, to create 30″ by 30″ paintings to serve as artwork for each song on the collection. You can scope the art on both the album cover, and the track below.

As mentioned before, catch some Wave[s] on August 21st. Stream the latest single below, and be sure to check out Mick’s soundcloud if you aren’t already familiar with him, as he is undoubtedly owns one of the brightest futures out of all of the recent freshmen on the rise.



01 Alchemy [prod. by Lee Bannon & ThemPeople]
02 Slumber [ft. Saba & Sean Deaux] [prod. by Thempeople]
03 Get Up [prod. by Stefan Ponce & Thempeople]
04 Your Love [prod. by Kaytranada]
05 Piano [prod. by Thempeople]
06 The Giver [prod. by Thempeople]
07 40 Below [prod. by Thempeople]
08 P’s & Q’s [prod. by Kaytranada]
09 Perception [ft. The Mind] [prod. by Mulatto & Thempeople]

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