RLGT Style: Under The Influence

redleafgoldteeth style praises Canadian fashion. In this segment we show you what we are currently rocking, while giving a couple tips along the way. Be inspired by the world around you, but put your own twist on it. Be a tastemaker, not a tastetester! Catch RLGT Style every Tuesday!

RLGT Style: Under The Influence


we showing you the good, the bad, the ugly

What does this classic ‘Ye line have to do with style? Well, in general (pertaining to this post, atleast), it represents the effect that celebrity culture has on everyday life, and more specifically, urban culture. Usually, it is taught that a celebrity and a role model are 2 different things completely. Although most people look up to certain celebrities, this doesn’t mean they are in any way perfect, as hard as they try. In a far less serious sense, this exact same thought process can be applied to celebrity style. Often times, is is assumed that celebrities automatically have great style… but this is obviously not the case. Every time they step out into the public eye, they are putting themselves in a position to show us the good, the bad, and the ugly trends that style has to offer.

When coming up with new ideas for myself, and for the blog, I often find myself checking out what some of my favourite, well-dressed celebrities are up to. This is a great way to find things that you might like, and think would look good on you, as well as get a jump on all the latest trends. As sad as it is to say, any Bieber fans would’ve had the earliest jump on the massive Jogger trend of recent, almost a year before it hit the mainstream.

In this weeks edition of RLGT style, I’ll discuss celebrity influence on my personal style, and speak on some of my favourite celebrities style. In future editions, we will break down specific fits from celebrities that we loved, and try to re-create them with some attainable articles of clothing, that won’t break the bank.

When it comes to matching my style to certain celebrities, the things I look for are overall style (if its similar to mine or not), body type (the unfortunate truth, not everything looks the same on all body types), and occasion (everyday fashion, vs going out, vs formal fashion, etc). Personally, 3 celebrities that I look up to, fashion-wise, are Chris Brown, ASAP Ferg (no typ0), & Kanye West, of course. I will briefly speak about why today, but look for further break downs in the near future.

Chris Brown

Bhris Brown… excuse my braziness, Chris Brown, hands down has to be my favourite celebrity when it comes to fashion of any type. His fashion taste is very similar to mine in the fact it involves very casual options, lots of colors, and important use of accessories. Some things I’ve been really digging lately are the retro starter hats, the varsity jackets, and the shoe game. His shoe game is clutch, because its not always super rare or expensive shit, often just some classic vans you could find anywhere, but he finds a way to make it look fly.


Most style aficionados might slot Rocky in here, as the best dressed in ASAP, but something about Ferg’s style just suits my taste a little better. As opposed to Rocky’s high fashion tendencies, Ferg is able to mix those extended’s and 5000$ denim, with some Timb’s (in true NY fashion), or some J’s and keep it swaggggy. This kind of effortlessness can’t be taught. Don’t get me wrong, Rocky is nice, but once I saw this clip of Ferg swoop in on those Goyard Vans out of everything on the wall, I knew that he had officially become my style spirit animal. (Wow, that sentence felt just as sus to write, as it probably did for you to read)

Kanye West

Besides being Yeezus, and blessing the masses with music, Kanye West has been putting him imprint on the clothing game for years. The specific thing I want to highlight though, is the Kanye West Rosewood MovementThis comes from back in 09/10, when high fashion, and dressing up wasn’t really an integrated apart of urban culture yet. This was the classic tweed suit, skinny tie, and monochromatic slim dress pants era of Kanye West. When it comes to my formal fashion, The Rosewood Movement definitely still influences my style today.

Overall, the point behind this post was that I didn’t want to take pictures today so deal with it…. Jokes (kind of), buffarealdoe, what I’m trying to get across is that fashion is just one of those things that can never be perfect. There is no piece of clothing that will fit every single facet of life, and no amount of money that will turn you into the perfect dresser. Find examples of things you like, and try them for yourself. Mix and match those different pieces of style that you enjoy, and create your own fashion statement. This doesn’t have to be a celebrity, although that might be the easiest place to start.

In the end, the motto is always the same; WEAR WHAT YOU LIKE. Effortlessness is a fashion skill in itself.

Two Words; One Love,


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