That One Time… We Threw A Party

“That One Time” is another new exciting RLGT series that we will be introducing regularily, mid-week. Similar to “story-time”, “That One Time” will detail specific moments in our life, whether they be important landmarks, or just random, hilarious stories. Check out this new series every week, and share your own similar stories in the comment section, or share our stories if you find yourself entertained!

Without further ado…

That One Time We Threw A Party

When she texts you first…

Redleafgoldteeth was officially launched in February, 2015 (the 3rd to be exact). In the business world it is common to set goals, and more specifically, to set goals on 20 weeks basis’, even though this number may seem kind of strange. So for us, we set a bunch of 20 week goals here on the site, based on views, visitors, ratio, etc, and these numbers were SMASHED barely halfway through our 20 mark goal, so new goals were set. Though not all, most of these goals were reached, including over 50,000 views, and over 30,000 unique visitors on RLGT in the first 5 months. Fittingly, a celebration was in order.

It just so happened, luckily enough, that our 5 month anniversary fell exactly on the first day of the biggest event here in Calgary, the Calgary Stampede. So to celebrate the beginning of Stampede, and our 20 week goals we decided to throw our first ever event; a free pre-drink (hosted at the Blakiston Boys palace) and party bus down to Cowboys Calgary to have a good time!

The event went amazing, and over 30 people came out to come celebrate with us! Numbers were due to limited psace on the bus, and a closed invite to the pre due to it being a residential area at 6pm on a Thursday night. Our social goals include throwing a couple more events this year, each bigger and better, and eventually being able to sponsor local events, and throw public events for all fans of the site!

Throughout the night we had the go-pro fired up, taking pics and videos of everything! Below is a quick time-lapse video of part of the pre-drink, including some birds eye shots, and a good ol’ game of Flip Cup! Unfortunately, lots of the video files were corrupted… including my head-cam footage of me dummying a full bottle of wine through the Flabongo (the only remaining video, is the cell footage above! Word to Ray for that). Regardless, the video, and the event turned out great, and we would like to thank everybody who came out!

At the end of the day, nothing went wrong, everybody had a good time, and everyone got a great chance to meet some new people; just a couple of college kids enjoying life. That one time that we threw a party, I really realized how important this website can become. It’s love!

(SONG: The RLGT premiered, BYOB by Jarreau Vandal! Listen, here)

Two Words; one love,


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