RLGT x #TBT: Tiësto – Feel It In My Bones Ft. Tegan and Sara

Location: Basil Ultimate Pho and Fine Vietnamese Cuisine, Calgary AB

For some odd reason, I find myself with my laptop open waiting for a soothing bowl of pho after a long night with my friends.

Nonetheless, sitting here… I wanted to throw back something out of the ordinary. You primarily only witness content that pertain directly to hip-hop and RnB. But have you ever thought about other genres that may or may not directly/indirectly influence the urban culture?

With that being said, awkwardly I like to associate Trance/EDM with Vietnamese restaurants. Yes, call me weird now. My friends and family might know why but for the rest of you it’s up to you to guess the correlation between the two.

Growing up, electronic music was definitely a part of my life. Before it popped off into North American mainstream, I remember listening to the OG’s: Tiesto, Armin Van Buuren, Dash Berlin, Super8 & Tab. The first EDM-type track I heard on the radio had to have been Tiesto’s Feel It In My Bones. If anything, I would say this was one of the songs that pioneered the emergence of EDM in North America.

This song made waves around the world, and especially for Canada. Tegan and Sara are Canadians. And when you’re featured on a track with Tiesto, then you know are bound for some success. It was exciting at that time to see both a Dutch Trance producer and two Calgarians (yes, CALGARIANS) have their names represent pop music.

In today’s time, you cannot tell me that at least half or what we hear not being influenced by electronic/EDM music. You hear it at the raves, where DJ’s are constantly throwing up dope remixes of rap classics and current favourites. Trap music is now becoming a common trend amongst us after popping off in Europe. I’m most happy to see how music brings the world together. From singers, DJ’s, rap artists and everything in between, there will always be great opportunities for new and exciting music to be created.

– Raymond


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