New Music: Sisters – Back 2 U ft. Sol (Zillas Remix)

“Iconic” pop duo, Sisters (the band), are joined by an RLGT favourite and fellow Seattle native, Sol, on a new remix of their standout single “Back 2 U”. Bringing the funk, Sol and his Zilla’s crew, comprised of Nima Skeemz & Elon Wright, flow over last years single, off of Sisters Diamonds of Gold EP, which originally dropped 8 months ago. The production value on this one alone makes is a killer.

Sol, always one to keep his bars conscious, raps about the pursuit of dreams, more specifically the chase of cash, and how at the end of a lifetime it doesn’t matter. He speaks on the struggle to maintain his authenticity, while trying to chase fame and stay repping for the important things to him, like his city and his love.

Stream the new track below, and be sure to go show some love both to Sol, and Sisters over on Soundcloud! As mentioned a million times, if you ever get the chance the chop it up with Sol, he is one of the more down to earth people you will ever meet, and we truly hope he gets his big break soon. Keep on, keepin’ on!

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