RLGT 100 Word Review: Future – Dirty Sprite 2

Every Friday you can expect a new RLGT 100 word review! This was a definite fan favourite from Phase 1, so we wanted to bring it back for y’all, with even more frequency! We know when you read a review you want to spend less time reading and more time listening, so that is why we always keep it short and sweet. 100 words, give or take… starting now:

redleafgoldteeth 100 Word Review: Future -Dirty Sprite 2


The baddest hook-man in the game since 2008 T-Pain, Future, returned last week with his latest project, Dirty Sprite 2 (DS2). DS2 is classic Future; Mixtape feels, with hard-beats, complete with the snares, sirens, and horns necessary. The intro track “Thought It Was A Drought” reminds us that the rapper “fucked [our] bitch in some Gucci Flip-Flops”, but in all seriousness, the song slaps harder than Sharkeisha. The only criticism I have is the fact that the same subject matter over and over gets boring; It’s reminiscent of a Juicy-J project, except Juicy does it better. A couple changes of pace keep DS2 from becoming more boring that Ciara (Future’s Ex) and Russell Wilson’s sex-life, and thankfully the project comes off as quite entertaining. Solid Project.

Rating: 86/100 (as a mixtape, which I have to consider it to be)

Standout Tracks: “Thought It Was A Drought” – Caught myself boppin in my satin robe a few times…, “Rich $ex” – One of those solid “change of paces” that I mentioned earlier. Nice little slow jam.

Overall, Future delivered a hood-ready tape, which is already being praised as one of the projects of the year. I’m not sure how far I would go with that, but DS2 is definitely impressive. Not relying on features (Drake being the lone feature), Future further proves that he is capable of holding down a track by himself, and that he’s not just a hook man. Future is in fact the best of both worlds, at the same damn time. Word to the #FutureHive, slime.

Two Words, One Love,


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