Watch: Oddisee – Belong to the World

As DC Rapper Oddisee prepares for his massive 66-day tour around the world (yes, you read correct) starting September 2nd, his team blesses us with a new music video for “Belong to the World” which is one of the sure-cut favourites off his latest project The Good Fight.

Oddisee attacks us with his formidable lyricism with compelling cinematography that produces some appreciable contrast switching back and forth with mountains and the typical hip-hop suburban nightlife. I’m a man of vibes – and one thing I really enjoy about this video is the mood that it portrays throughout it’s run-time. Oddisee always does a great job implementing positive messages in his songs for his audience. Watching this video in a way reassures my balance and self-empowerment, something that is eminent coming from the words of this talented young man.

Don’t sleep on this dude. If you’re around the area please check him out during The Good Fight World Tour (Check out the tour dates here). And don’t forget to show some love by purchasing his album off his label website here.

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