RLGT 100 Word Review: Roy Wood$ – Exis EP

Every Friday you can now expect a new RLGT 100 word review! This was a definite fan favourite from Phase 1, so we wanted to bring it back for y’all, with even more frequency! We know when you read a review you want to spend less time reading and more time listening, so that is why we always keep it short and sweet. 100 words, give or take… starting now:



Drawing similar parallels from Fetty Wap, Roy Wood$ could potentially become the next Cinderella Story that’s masterminded by another world-famous rapper. The impact Kanye had on Fetty, I feel the same could happen with Drake and Mr. Wood$. As new artists trying to find their sound, riding the co-sign will help them develop their music into something spectacular due to the sudden rise of media attention. Though Exis EP took a couple of tries to hit home, at the end of the day his voice had me groovin’ no matter where I was with his mixtape playing on my i-Pod.

(Word count: 100)

Rating: 70/100 

Standout Tracks: Get You Good – I thought this song had the most energy out of the rest. I could really feel the effort put into this track. The layers of tones and pitches makes for a wonderful track that (in my opinion) shines past his track with Drake.


Drake has really been on the map lately. With the beef involving Meek Mill and his recent OVO Fest concluding this past weekend, the 6 God is once again providing a voice for us Canadians to the rest of the world. Roy Wood$ got the opportunity to debut his own music on OVO Sound, the radio show that provides quality Canadian content to Apple Music.

Just take a minute and think about how far us maple syrup lovin’ folks have come to finally be recognized as a hotbed for great artists to come through and influence the current and future state of urban culture.

– Ray Ray

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