#NextWeeksNewBeats (Volume #9)

It’s Sunday, so you know what that means… its Download Day! If you are anything like us, you like to stay updated with all the latest music, and weekends are a time to beef up your iTunes with the weeks finds. Because of this, each weekend we throw together a quick 6 song mix, that we like to call “#NextWeeksNewBeats” to show you all what we are listening to currently, and hopefully give you some suggestions on some songs you can add to your own playlists!


After a week’s absent, #NextWeeksNewBeats is back to fulfill your new music cravings! Sit back, and enjoy the ride as we introduce 6 more tracks this week for you guys to listen to.

1. Digital Farm Animals – True (Jarreau Vandal remix):
We are fans of Jarreau Vandal. We’ve even had the opportunity to premiere a new song from him on our very own site. With that being said, any of his releases are always on our radars. This time he comes back for a remix of Digital Farm Animals’ “True”. I’ve never heard of this act, but damn what an awesome name to have.

2. Gallant – Weight in Gold (Jia Lih remix):
Gallant has an awesome voice. I was blessed to hear this man perform at the Pemberton Music Festival couple of weeks ago. Many of you may be familiar with his smash song, “Weight In Gold”. But I came across this dope remix the other day that I had to share with you all. Enjoy.

3. YGTUT – Outside: 
If you haven’t heard of YGTUT yet, then you’ve heard about him now. Reigning from the city of Chattanooga, Tennessee, I’ve been following YGTUT since his latest mixtape Preacher’s Son was released in January. YGTUT continues to build on his craft with his latest single, “Outside” which definitely deserves more than one listen.

Doesn’t YGTUT sort of remind you of Isaiah Rashad? Well FYI they are both from Chattanooga. Dope.

4. Pouya – Energy:
Pouya must’ve taken some pointers from Drake, because this song is lit. Throwing shade at his haters, Pouya gives us some good reasons to believe that he’s not the man to fuck with. Throw on this track while you’re driving to work and I gaurantee you that you’ll be feeling 100 for the rest of the day.

5. Joose the Conquerer – Black Sand (Prod. by Sango):

“Black Sand”, along with the 6 other tracks that complete his project Cruise Control actually came out last year. But it seems like Cruise Control resurfaced on my SoundCloud feed. I remember I couldn’t find any download links to his project, but now it’s been updated with a download link. Check out the whole project here. 

A statement that isn’t sugarcoated but rather a warning that something truly powerful this-way-comes. A monstrous freshman project from young wordsmith Julian “Joose” Young, “Cruise Control” was released in the dead of summer 2014. Properly titled, the intro starts off with the jingle of some car keys; we don’t know where Joose is taking us, but we know we’re in for a ride.

6. Robb Bank$ – Pressure:

This last track meets some of that “gangsta shit” vibe. Sometimes you just wanna feel hard as fuck and listen to something that mirrors it. Don’t judge me, I may be a nerd but I’m always down to throw my hands up to a song I enjoy.


I hope you enjoyed this week’s #NextWeeksNewBeats. The RLGT team tries their best to supply you with the latest and the dopest music out there. Stay tuned for next week as we explore the internet once more and give you the good stuff.

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