Journal: My Last Week at Home

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I’m almost at the end of my undergraduate degree. For the last 15 years around this same time I’ve taken all the necessary steps to prepare for the following school year. Getting the right combination of notebooks and pens to get you that A+ in all your course, or convincing your mom you NEEDED those new clothes for the first day of school. Everyone knows about that same anxiousness you get every year before the first day of school.

This year however, marks the first time that I won’t have to worry about those things. And for those who read my last Story-Time post, then you’ve realized the fact that I’ll be skipping this school year to work. In fact, I’m leaving Calgary for a year to pursue this opportunity.

With that being said, there have been other things to worry about. The hardest part about going through this is parting ways with my family and friends. It makes things much more difficult when I know that the ones that mean the most to me won’t be there by my side for an entire year to experience all the memories I’ll eventually make.


With all the moving and last minute reservations going on this week, it’s also been a very memorable week for me. As the emotions started pouring in quickly as my departure date grew closer, I’ve had the great pleasure of being a part of times that included immense amounts of caring and respect from my beloved ones. From my belated birthday party, to my last minute going away party, to various 1-on-1 conversations, I was truly surprised by how everyone has made it seem like my departure actually meant something to them.

I’ve never been good with dealing with any sort of compliments or emotional situations. To those who have bid their farewells to me over this past month, or for those who know that they mean something to me but haven’t got the chance to say anything, thank you. Just know that your efforts go un-noticed. The cliché saying of how actions speak louder than words is definitely true. Two words don’t represent the appreciation I have for all my friendships. But it’s virtually impossible for me to invest all my resources to show my gratitude. If I did I don’t think I could make a life out of myself because of both the quantity and quality of relationships I’ve built.

So for that, I please ask that you trust my words this one time.

11953215_10156019459400192_7603212921518936626_n(first pic with all RLGT crew together, can you spot all of us?)

– Raymond

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