RLGT x #TBT: Three 6 Mafia – Doe Boy Fresh ft. Chamillionaire

Yeah, Hypnotize Minds
Three 6 Mafia, Academy Award Winners
Chamillionaire, we stronger than ever, for real
Da last to walk
It’s goin’ it’s goin’ down

3 6 mafiaThe year is 2007. Long before a certain group was know as “Da Mafia Six” (A name I refuse to adopt), and long before a certain member became certifiably trippy as a solo act, is was just the Three 6 Mafia. Produced by the aforementioned king trippy, Juicy J, and his former P.I.C.  DJ Paul, “Doe Boy Fresh” was the triumphant track of 2007 to ring in the groups monumental academy award, which featured fellow rising trap-star, Chamillioaire, of “Riding Dirty” fame (how have we not thrown it back to that song yet?).

On top of the world, with their own show on MTV, and fresh off of becoming the first hip-hop artists to win an Academy Award for their song “Hard Out Here For A Pimp”, and being the first to perform at the show, “Doe Boy Fresh” became the new hustlers anthem. The 3rd member of the group, Crunchy Black, had recently departed, and this was the groups way of telling the world “We’re Still Here”.

Sadly, nothing lasts forever, and the group eventually moved on to pursue solo careers, with Juicy J arguably making the biggest splash, while DJ Paul would eventually return with all of the former members besides Juicy (until the death of Lord Infamous), to reunite, and change the groups name. Since the split, Juicy has regained his stance as one of the biggest artists in the game over the past few years, even releasing a brand new mixtape this week (prompting this #TBT).

Check out the new mixtape from Juicy J, 100% Juice, over on DatPiff now, and in the mean time, reminisce on some old school tunes that only 90’s babies like ourselves could appreciate. Stay trippy mane.

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