New Music: Listen To Both of Luke Christopher’s New EP’s

lukeOne of the most creative men in music is back with something special for the fans. Luke Christopher, fresh off of a hype new deal from RCA, returns this week with 2 new fuego (S/O to grade 10 Spanish class) EP’s, promptly titled TMRW & YSTRDY. The leader of the #TMRWGANG, brings his classic triumphant flows, fused with love-makers & heart-breakers, all while flexing his own production chops throughout. A true jack-of-all trades, both EP’s show Christopher’s talent, while seemingly falsifying his own lyrics, “I’m No Superman”.

Existing fans will recognize songs like “Lot To Learn”, and “The Lights”, while also getting to enjoy a ton of new standouts, such as is the lowkey banger titled “Atlas”, or the underground-kings-esque sounding track, “Famous”. The versatility between singing and rapping makes the obvious Drake comparisons quite clear, along with his choice of beats to go in over. All in all, there’s a little something for everyone between the two-projects.

Stream both of the EP’s below (or over on Spotify), and be sure to check out Luke Chris’ Soundcloud stream to get a true grasp on the body of work he’s been releasing, especially the cover series called #TMRWGANGTUESDAYS. I would personally recommend his cover of Ellie Goulding’s smash, “Love Me Like You Do” if you haven’t heard anything by him before; You will feel the chills, trust me. Once convinced, head over to iTunes and cop some music, and support artistry.



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