#NextWeeksNewBeats (Volume #10)

It’s Sunday, so you know what that means… its Download Day! If you are anything like us, you like to stay updated with all the latest music, and weekends are a time to beef up your iTunes with the weeks finds. Because of this, each weekend we throw together a quick 6 song mix, that we like to call “#NextWeeksNewBeats” to show you all what we are listening to currently, and hopefully give you some suggestions on some songs you can add to your own playlists!


Ten playlists later… and now we’re here. Thanks for tuning in for another week of fresh new tunes that will fulfill your music cravings for the week. Before I begin this playlist, I’d like to give a quick shout-out to my computer speakers. This is the first playlist I’ve complied on my desktop that actually has good sound quality and some respectable bass. Therefore my choices this week were a lot different from my previous selections. Let’s get to another ten playlists!

1. Kehlani – Hotline Bling (Ft. Charlie Puth) [Drake Cover]

Kehlani, you gotta stop. All you do is spit fire. Hot hot hot. In no time you’re going to kill me with this music. Following her debut album You Should Be Here, her names been floating in the air a lot more. I can’t see why her name wouldn’t be tossed around; aside from her great look she’s just a dope singer. Covering 6 God’s track in a acoustic fashion is equivalent to a whole basket of cherries on top of the cake.

2. Tep No █♣█ – Safe Dream (Ft. Heather Janssen)


Tep No’s motto is “Living in summer vibes”. Curated in the heart of Toronto, Tep No has been on my radar for awhile now when I first listened to “Missing Winter”. As a basic Canadian stan, I support Tep No 100%. And I wouldn’t be saying it unless their music was on point.

3. Ferraz – So Delirious (Ft. Alissa Maria)

As  I mentioned earlier, I’m creating this week’s playlist on my desktop. What that means is that everything I’m listening sounds 100x better than on my laptop. “So Delirious” has that cool groovy vibe that’s being exemplified by these speakers. Alissa Maria comes through with the vocals, giving the track a new light that is essential for the beat created.

4. Sean Leon █♣█ – Pretty Girls Put Boys In Cemeteries

Don’t be phased by the title of the song. Please give it a listen, and then you can judge. This song is actually fairly old (in my books) but recently showed back up on my SoundCloud feed. Let me tell you, this song is deep. You’re going to want to listen to this a few times consecutively to appreciate the effort on this song. If you’re down with this song, you can listen to the rest of the project from 2014, narcissus, THE DROWNING OF EGO.

5. Snakehips x Tory Lanes █♣█ – Dimelo [esta Remix]

If you’re Canadian and you haven’t listened to the original… shame on you, seriously. Tory Lanez came through earlier this year by dropping Dimelo. Now I’m back to highlight a remix to this track. If you’re on SoundCloud and haven’t heard of esta… SERIOUSLY shame on you. What more do I have to say? Take a listen and give your judgement.

6. Falcons – Boss Mackin’ (Ft. A-1)

Sorry Falcons. Not to take any credit from this song, but when I first saw A-1’s name, that’s what gravitated me to first listening to the song. I wanted to end off the playlist with a fiery rap tune, getting away from the slow pace that we mellowed out to for the last 5 tracks. Now that I’ve discovered Falcons, I’d like to introduce him to you all in the most lazy-accurate way. Introducing a statement from his record label, Fool’s Gold Records:

Whether reshaping LA’s dance scene for a new generation with his Athletixx crew, or delving into uncharted beat territory with solo tracks and remixes, California DJ/producer Falcons is a force to be reckoned with. Terra, his debut Fool’s Gold EP, showcases four cuts of imaginative, bass-driven songwriting that highlight Falcons’ confidence as a producer and collaborator, all while detonating the party like nothing else.


I hope you enjoyed this week’s #NextWeeksNewBeats. The RLGT team tries their best to supply you with the latest and the dopest music out there. Stay tuned for next week as we explore the internet once more and give you the good stuff.

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