RLGT Style: I Just Wanna Party

redleafgoldteeth style praises Canadian fashion. In this segment we show you what we are currently rocking, while giving a couple tips along the way. Be inspired by the world around you, but put your own twist on it. Be a tastemaker, not a tastetester! Catch RLGT Style every Tuesday!

RLGT Style: I Just Wanna Party

(Above: If you don’t feel at least 3 times more ratchet after watching this video,

you probably don’t need to read any further.)

After about 3 years of sacrificing my own academic career in pursuit of good times (freshman guide to achieving this effect, here), I feel like its safe to say I’ve just about mastered my event-specific dress codes. Something that seems so obvious, but is so crucial, is house party gear.

Don’t get it twisted, house party gear, and club gear are NOT interchangeable (we’ll talk about what to wear when you go out, on a later date). While dressing for clubs and bars has become like every other facet of our boring lives, i.e. clean, casual, and neutral clothing, parties remain as the spot where anything goes.

Beyond themed parties, where you are forced to go hard (because if you’re going to participate, you might as well go all out), there are a 4 ideal things to consider when going to a house party.

  1. How will you be getting to the party
  2. Is it a shoes on, or shoes off house
  3. How many beers will you be crushing
  4. Do you, like to party?

The first thing to consider, getting to the party, is the most minor of the 4. Similar to a club, you don’t want to have to bring a jacket with you, so you have to decide if you are cabbing or walking, and decide what you feel like carrying around all night. Simple solution: Wear a flannel. Everyone likes a nice flannel, and with the emergence of hipster-fuckliness, flannels around the waist are becoming a lot more appropriate, in the case you need to shed a layer.

The second, and often least considered thing, is pre-supposing if you will have to take off your shoes or not (every party will tell you too, but deciding if they will actually be sticklers about it is a whole different story). Why is this important? Because you don’t want to be the asshole with the fresh fit, but the brown crusty socks on, looking like you just made the trek from Cambodia to make it out tonight. Furthermore, you also don’t to be the idiot who got his Yeezy Boost’s stolen from a party because he was forced to take them off at the door. There are drunk people around. There are people you don’t know. While you’re protecting your beers, you’re not gonna be thinking about your shoes until you try to leave and realize someone left their chunky DC skate shoes, and wore your Space Jam 11’s home instead.

Number 3, how many beers will you be dummying within the next 4 hours? Not only is it important to gage how interplanetary you will be getting for a number of reasons, you also have to consider how you are going to keep track of your booze. There WILL be people at the party looking for the fool who left a 12 pack unattended, so that is out of the question already. Unless you can bring enough booze to have a good time in your hands (and back pocket) via either 3-4 beers, or just straight hard-bar and a bottle of chase, you will then have to consider bringing a bag. You can always bring a grocery bag, but that’s still a little dusty and your drunk ass is still at risk to leave it somewhere while you run show on the pong table.  Something that can be worn on your back is best, but a full back pack can be tedious. The ideal option is a crappy shoe-bag, that isn’t too bulky, and is something you won’t be too worried about leaving at the party. This way you can keep all your beers accounted for, and send some freshman chumps around the block for a quick naked mile.


The last part requires you to know yourself (*Drake voice*). Is your name Rod, and/or do you like to party? If so, this is your chance to dress like you like to party. Don’t elect for the typical H&M douchey V-neck tee, but rather have fun with it. A common misconception about house parties is that people give a shit about what you look like, or have to say. FALSE. The word “house-party” comes from the French word for “waiting-for-someone-to-do-some-crazy-shit” (quote me on that). Don’t worry about “looking fresh” because chances are you have no game anyways, so you might as well have a good time. In addition to this, house parties are hot, sweaty, and messy. You want to avoid anything that will show pit-stains, drink-stains, or really anything that shows how sloppy-drunk you are. I recommend something either, black, tie-dyed, or layered, like the shirts from Stussy and Obey below. If you are going to wear something white, make sure its something fuckin’ awesome like the “Koalafied to Party” shirt (word to Rintoul), seen below, because girls love Koala’s.

At the end of the day, parties are for having a good time with all of your friends, while creating regrettable memories that will last forever. Don’t get too caught up in all the ideals, and just focus on having a good time. Follow these steps and you’ll be able to have a great time, while maintaining a functional look that says “remember how swaggy I looked in that photo of me face-down in the toilet, from that one party!?”.

WEAR WHAT YOU LIKE, be a tastemaker, not a taste-tester.

Two words; one love,


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