RLGT Style: Hardly Home, Always Repping

redleafgoldteeth style praises Canadian fashion. In this segment we show you what we are currently rocking, while giving a couple tips along the way. Be inspired by the world around you, but put your own twist on it. Be a tastemaker, not a tastetester! Catch RLGT Style every Tuesday!

RLGT Style: Harldy Home, Always Repping

That view though.... (the background is nice too)

Uh, hardly home but always reppin’
You hardly on and always second
When I’m awake, you always restin’

When it comes to putting on for your city, how could I not quote the boy, Drizzy. Repping Toronto on a global level is hard enough, much less repping for an entire country, but Drake is a great example of someone who has always shown love for his roots. For me, I try to do much of the same when possible, coming from various roots, and spending much of my life across 3 different Canadian cities. Most recently, I have called Calgary home for the last 4 years, and I can truly say I have grown the most because of the environment in this city, but still you’ll always see me repping my old Mount Doug Wear (the fashion-line run by my old high school in Victoria), or throwing it it back with anything Purple and Gold.

The culture in Calgary has forced me in an indirect way; the lack of urban and counter culture presence (at least to the naked eye) caused me to really find out what I truly do love, and where/how to get it. Just like most cities, the urban culture here is buzzing beneath the surface, and there are tons of like-minded people waiting to be linked. This was one of the initial reasons that I started this website. One thing that I’ve noticed goes across the board is that even though they have to work for it, all of the culture freaks, like myself, would never wish for any change, or a different setting; Calgary is truly the perfect melting pot.

Wearing items that put on for your favourite team, or favourite city (the NY’s & LA’s out there) is always popular, but there is no feeling more special than repping something from your hometown. Never is this more evident than during playoffs in a particular city. Last year was my first time experiencing the “red mile” here in Calgary during the Flames playoff run and the feeling way magical.

“Hey, RLGT, didn’t you just drop a brand new T-Shirt highlighting the city that you love?!”

We did, actually drop a brand new T-shirt line, “403 vs. everybody“, that aims to promote the urban culture in Calgary, indeed!


(Left: The redleafgoldteeth “403 vs Everybody” culture tee. Purchase one here)

Dress is up, dress it down. “403 vs Everybody” is printed on AA Box Hammer Tee’s, with a heavy cotton blend, and oversized fit, making it perfect for any occasion, and any weather Calgary can throw at it. Gym shirt? Color match for you 11’s? Concert tee? It doesn’t matter when you’re putting on for you city. We kept it simple, so it’s up to you to add your own flare to it, making it a helpful addition to any wardrobe.

“What does it mean?” We believe that “403 Vs. Everybody” represents the humble beginnings of this particular website, and the city that surrounds us and inspires us daily. Through this new tee, we hope to unite the city’s culture, by creating a motto that everybody can be proud of. No where else can do what we do.

“What if I wasn’t born here?” Well, you don’t have to be from here, in fact, most of our team wasn’t born in Calgary… but this feeling was. Anyone who has lived in Calgary, experienced the Stampede, been to a Flames game, just experienced the vibes of this city in some way, knows what I am talking about. The skyline, depicted in the letters, represents a city with a culture that is transforming quicker than the new buildings going up.

This project took over 3 months to complete from start-to-finish, and was truly rewarding.

Outside of things like our shirt, other local brands are always awesome ways to support the people around you. Some great things are coming out of Canadian cities as we speak, and its truly awesome to see Canadian’s putting ourself out there, on a new level that doesn’t shadow our American neighbors.

In conclusion, when it comes to putting on for the city that made you, don’t always assume jersey’s and fan gear as the only way to show support. Local brands are a great way of giving back, and finding the next big thing before everyone else. When it comes down to it though, wear what you like, because ultimately that it the only way to find your true style. A wise, handsome black man once said “Be taste-maker, not a taste-tester”.

It doesn’t have to be the city that raised you, just the city that made you. Home is always home.

Two words; one love,

-Head Calgarian Hospey


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