Journal: Only Losers Go To School?

When: A bunch of different days in September 2015

Where I am: University of Calgary campus

What I’m listening to: Mac Miller – GO:OD AM

(Above: Mood. Mac ft. Miguel – Weekend)

This past month marked the start of my fourth year of post-secondary education, and for the fourth consecutive year I’m sitting here having these typically philosophical back-and-forth moments of deliberation. You know, that moment where you question why you’re paying thousands of dollars to sit down in an uncomfortably tiny little desk and heed unserviceable information from people that don’t serve any kind of pragmatic inspiration into your life. I know everyone tuning in to this journal right now has foregone this same reflection. At the end of the day, the majority of us are unhappy with the marginalization that the education institution coerces upon us, yet, we all stick around for the inauspicious ride.


All I can offer is my ambiguously assembled reasoning.

Education never directly offered me anything throughout grade school. I never truly engaged in classes, teachers could never pronounce my name, and I never walked out of class feeling like I actually learned anything. Don’t get me wrong; once high school came along, I didn’t have it that hard. I always had friends, I got invited to parties, I met some cool teachers, girls (#rare) liked me, I didn’t have very much to complain about. There was one thing however, that did always trouble me to an extent.

I lacked inspiration. And one thing that the schooling arrangement is inscribed to eradicate out of kids minds, is that sense of inspiration. We learn how to process information and later translate said information into knowledge, which then gets applied into practical repetition, but nothing about the education system is designed to elicit creativity. Part of me is content with that monotonous process. Playing the game is a part of life isn’t it? A family, a home, and a comfortable 9-5 are aspirations that I anticipate for my future. My whole problem with this system is the notion that school, and more specifically university, is that it is essentially seen as a tool to turn you into the ideal candidate for some retiree’s position, rather than prepping us youth to be our own bosses, and to slowly contribute towards the small changes that will ideally progress society. As much as certain degrees are valued over other, especially going to school in this oil and gas monarchy that we are cemented in, it seems as though the system is completely backwards.

Finally, these last few months have served as an institution of inspiration into my life, and improbably enough, education has indirectly been the root of it all. The way I see it, if I hadn’t met Negele in an introduction communications class, I wouldn’t be a part of this brand name that we’ve worked so hard to create. As far as I can remember, I’ve always had dreams of creating a brand name that people around me would enjoy being a part of, however; I never had the inspiration to set these dreams into motion, and create the reality I desired; well, until now.

I was inspired when Negele allowed me to partner with him on this entire vision he had.

I was inspired when my closest friends showed an immense amount support and involvement with building the brand.

I was inspired when some one that I didn’t know at the time, but that I immensely respect today, stopped me on campus, and told me he was impressed with what we were doing.

I was inspired when I saw the people that I love most proudly wearing our creations across their chests.

At the time of writing, it’s been roughly over 48 hours since the launch of our “403 vs. Everybody” tee’s transpired, and the response has been so overwhelmingly positive, having moved 100% of our initial inventory already, that I couldn’t be more inspired as I sit here and compose this journal. My attempt to vent has turned into a thank-you letter of sorts.


The point of individually recognizing these sources of inspiration that have unfolded in my life over the past few months is to bring everything back into perspective. No, I can’t root any of these significant instances back to educations directly, but the point is, none of this would have unfolded the way it did if wasn’t a student (of life, perhaps). If the consumption of knowledge isn’t what you’re enrolled in post-secondary education for, then at least stick around for the experience that the ride offers. Grow closer the friends that you already have and allow yourself to make new ones. Seek out the like-minded people, and grow with them. Seek out the people who aren’t anything like you, and grow because of them. Don’t be discouraged by our marginalization, just work around it; it really is a part of life, unfortunately.

The end of your school career is pretty much guaranteed to be exactly like the end of the Breakfast Club, if you play it properly. “Don’t youuuuu, forget about me”

Fall in love, get inspired, allow your dreams to formulate in front of you, and recognize the unique social situation that you’re so blessed to be a part of.

During this ride, I recommend that you involve yourself within the consumption of knowledge; it’s just that I advocate the hustle that much more.

Stay in school, kids.

— husson z

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