A Song By Song Breakdown of TOPE’s “FREE LEMONADE 2” EP

A longtime friend of the site, TOPE, has been one of the greatest factors keeping us to date with all the dopest new stuff PNW right now. The sometimes Oakland, sometimes Portland rapper and producer is not only one of the most talented up-and-comers, he is also one of the most humble, always looking for a chance to put on for his team, and other amateurs looking for a shot of their own.

When my inbox was blessed with the latest in the “FREE LEMONADE” instrumental series, I knew I had to take it a step further. After getting love from the immortal Cody Chesnutt for part 1, part 2 brings even more heat. Opening up with a sped up Gucci Mane sample a la Kanye West in 30 years, all the way to samples from Janet Jackson and Guy, FL2 is full of all those 90’s vibes many modern hip-hop fans have grown up on.

The following is a brief, track by track breakdown of every single song on the EP. (Though humorous, most of these are the very first things that came to my mind when I listened to this project. All love though, this project is actually awesome.)

A Song By Song Breakdown of “FREE LEMONADE 2”


1. Lemonhead – If Gucci was popping in the 90’s.

2. Minute Maid – A Nestea (didn’t pull out the right Drink, my bad) commercial featuring Justin Timberlake walking down Sunset Blvd. in 2001.

3. Love – The best music you ever got put on hold too, while calling the cable company.
4. Sugar Water – If Big Sean was actually cast on a re-make of “Martin”
5. E-Class – What Rick Ross freestyles to on the way to wing stop. “Uhhhh”
6. Explain It -The beat every that 90% of all 90’s kid were conceived to.
7. Full of Fire – The type of beat that would constitute a Lupe, Common, and Talib collab, during the revival of the Panthers. One of the best best on FL2 in my opinion.
8. Labour Day Weekend – The part in a Lethal weapon or Die Hard movie from the 90’s, when the character is heavily conflicted. Future inclusion on the Bad Boys 3 soundtrack, anyone?!
9. C’mon – This one was difficult: Chester the Cheetah (the Cheetos mascot) tip toeing in his Jordan’s in a Riff Raff video intro.
10. Whew – Rightfully the middle track, triumphant sounding, as if we’re reaching the top.
11. Curve – I didn’t even listen to this track. The title just reminded me how many times I’ve been curved. #sadbois
12. Pleased To Meet You – When you chat up that girl who sat next to you all semester, on the last day of school (little do you know she gonna curve your ass) *sodium levels rising*
13. Paging Quick – This one was easy: Soul Train dance line.
14. APM – “Cruising down the street is my 6-4”. Dom Kennedy would fuck with this beat.
15. Slow Dance – Rudy Huxtable’s first dance with a boy, in the living room with Bill and Kenny shaking their head in the background. #FREECOSBY (Too soon?)
16. Sunday Service – The intro to a Big Krit x Stalley collaborative mix tape. Probably the title of it too.
17. Janet – The outro to that same tape.
18 Say Ahh – That Djembe drum though. If Hypebeast did a “What Would It Be Like Now”,  of the Cosby show opener. Theo rocking some 350’s for sure, while Rudy Nae-nae’s.
19. Yeah Yeah – Something Kendrick for sure. Click-clack.
20. If I Was Chilling With Nipsey Hussle – If TOPE was chilling with Nipsey Hussle.
Go stream, and download “FREE LEMONADE 2” over on TOPE’s bandcamp account, and listen along and see if you feel what I felt. If you dig it, support the project too, by dropping a Toonie on it (for you Canadian’s out there). If you haven’t gotten familiar with TOPE up to this point, go check out the music on his Soundcloud, here!

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