RLGT x #TBT: Johnny Polygon – Limosexsuperstar

Everyone around you, says they’re worried about you

Anyone can judge you when everyone knows who you are


We here at RLGT have the art of song deeply rooted into who we’ve become as individuals. Over the last few years I’ve developed the habit of literally building a soundtrack to my life and ascribing specific songs to significant moments of this embryonic journey we’re all on together.

One of the particular instants that’s easily identifiable for me is the first time I listened to “Limosexsuperstar” by Johnny Polygon.

It’s a brisk autumn evening in September 2011.

The unjustifiably disconsolate 17-year-old Husson and his oldest friend are walking through the park in-between both their houses on route to another friend’s party. The two friends are taking turns playing songs off their phones in order to efficiently set the mood for the outrageously senseless night ahead of them. They’re almost at their destination when Johnny Polygon’s voice comes blaring through the bungling Blackberry speaker.

I remember you, you tried to kill me, I knew it all along but self-destruction thrills me

The melodramatically applicable lyrics over top the unorthodox instrumental captured me right away. It was the type of song that you could be introspectively ignorant too. It was the type of song you wanted create eternally momentous memories too. It was the type of song that kids like us figured our shit out too. It was the type of song that I knew would have a long-lasting effect from the moment I first heard it.

It was a song that captured me when I first heard it four long years ago, and it’s a song that I still hold close to my heart to this day.

Music can capture moments, music can inspire moments and music can uniquely spawn moments.

Take a moment this Thursday and listen to the relatively unfamiliar name that is Johnny Polygon, and let his masterfully inimitable creation generate something for you.

— husson z

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