RLGT 100 Word Review: Destroyer – Poison Season

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Redleafgoldteeth 100 Word Review: Destroyer – Poison Season

poison season

Poison Season, even in its name, exhibits the same bemused indignation Dan Bejar’s Destroyer has toyed with throughout its ten-album catalogue. It’s his schtick; Bejar’s pretty sharp, and he knows he’s being a sap and he knows you’ve heard it all before. He just finds it funny. He practically makes himself laugh at his obvious clichés on opener “Times Square, Poison Season I” yet still revisits them on “Times Square” and “Times Square, Poison Season II.” This frustration undercut with an undeniable smirk sets the standard for the whole horn and piano laden 52 minutes. He knows the suns coming up, and it does, in a gorgeous flurry of horns. But not before he manages to exasperatedly sigh “Oh shit.”

Rating: 85/100

Standout track: “Dream Lover” – The most upbeat song here, and the most immediately enjoyable. The rest of the album might take a little dissecting if you really want to dive into Bejar’s songwriting, but “Dream Lover” is the one you’re going to be humming long after he stops singing.

Overall, Poison Season is well worth the listen for anyone who hasn’t gotten a chance to check out the project yet, including both die-hard fans, and listeners new to Destroyer. Enjoy

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