RLGT 100 Word Review: Autre Ne Veut – Age Of Transparency

Hey kids. We at the best site north of the Bow have made the executive decision to shift the focus of our 100 Word Reviews to put on some albums that may have flown under your radar. Because isn’t that the point of all this? Apart, of course, from getting a co-sign from Kanye, helping him design shoes and ultimately becoming his creative muse (but that goes without saying…).

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RLGT 100 Word Review: Autre Ne Veut – Age Of Transparency

Arthur Ashin has a voice that doesn’t come around very often. There’s an elasticity to it that would make Sam Smith frown for the first time in his life. Combined with his penchant for maximalism and introspection that verges on prying, and Autre Ne Veut has quietly become a voice that’s creating too much noise to not get enough listeners. Age Of Transparency, the sequel to 2013’s phenomenal Anxiety continues his winning streak the way he started it: drowned in synths, layered to the point of clutter, sprinkled with high hats. Imagine racing on Rainbow Road. And your winning. It’s beautiful. A few left-feild touches, slight pop-ups that may be demanding are scattered out, but the fruits of your labor are well rewarded in twinkling iridescence.


Standout Track: “World War Pt. 2” – The lead single remains the most anthemic on an album hiding a few. It follows suite in it’s predecessors path, building from a gentle croon that culminates in a exuberant back and forth between Ashin and a very familiar choir.


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