Monthly Reminder Niykee Heaton Is Still Bae (Pt. 3)

In the return of everyone’s favourite recurring series/ excuse to burn off excess amounts of built up thirst, it is once again time to remind everybody that Niykee Heaton, is in fact, still bae (I can pretty much guarantee that she’ll still be bae way past the existence, and impending extinction of the word “bae”).

The full time recording artist, and part time Gatorade spokesperson (because… thirst… get it? No… ok), known as Niykee Heaton first re-gained our attention last February when she showed that her hit version of “Love Sosa” wasn’t a fluke, by dropping off an impressive cover of “Trap Queen”, by the now overwhelmingly successful Fetty Wap. Since then, my future wife has done a lot to keep us all ready and willing by releasing a ton of new music, keeping her Insta on point, and even covering Complex magazine, as shot by Marcus Hyde. If that wasn’t enough, Niykee has dropped off a great new single, and coincidentally Santa himself, Mr. Hyde, has assisted Niykee in delivering a couple more steamy photo shoots for us to all tastefully gawk over (peep the galley below of some recent shots). There’s something even better about a girl who isn’t afraid to be openly confident about what she has been blessed with, above all.

Now that you’ve had about 3 and a half minutes to clean off the drool, lets get back to the music. Fresh off of the huge single, “NBK”, the naturyl born killer herself is back with a fire new remix of Baby E’s breakout tune, “Finessin'”. In proper fashion, Heaton speak to all of the haters who thought she would have lost momentum 2 years ago, instead of keeping it pushing as she has been. For anyone who has been sleeping on her since the first time she broke onto the scene a few years ago, her body of work since, is actually quite impressive, even drawing a little love from ‘Ye, allegedly (smart dude).

Stream the Niykee Heaton remix of “Finessin'” below, and be sure to check out her Soundcloud to hear all of the latest. Nikyee is currently getting ready for her 8 city, Bedroom Tour, which has already sold out 4 of the cities. If you dig the music, and support the movement, be sure to check out the tour dates and cop a ticket on her official website, here.

Inevitably, expect part 4 of this series soon, but until then just sit back and enjoy (but not too much, because she’s mine).

two words;one love,


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