Sh*t We Like: October 2015 █♣█

In this segment, we will be highlighting things that we find dope, basically, things that we think you should check out. This will range from accounts we are following, music we are listening too, clothes we are wearing, and the products we are using, etc. Every Monday a different writer will be chiming in, so you’ll get a little taste of all our unique styles.

Without further ado, lets get into it.


What We’re Listening To: RLGT #ShmackedSummer Mix Part 3

#ShmackedSummer, the playlist series that started as a popular mix over on my personal 8tracks account (which lost 500+ followers, thanks 8tracks) 2 summers ago, returned this year as a new RLGT tradition. The 3 part summer party mix series, featured 2 inaugural parts dividing the summer, and recently concluded with part 3, the biggest mix yet. The conclusion to #ShamckedSummer features 4+ hours of ALL of the biggest songs this summer in hip-hop, electronic, and top 40, compiled into one hell-of-a-good-time.

Take a journey though summer 2015 by reliving the moments through the soundtrack to all of your adventures, as provided by Fetty Wap, RL Grime, Drake, Jack U, The Weeknd, and more! Stream the mix below, while you enjoy the rest of this fantabulistic article, and head over the the Redleafgoldteeth 8tracks account to stream part 1 and 2!

What We’re Playing: NBA 2K16

In the latest installment of everyone’s favourite procrastination software, NBA 2K16 pulls out all of the stops to make sure this year’s version lives up to expectations, even when your team of choice doesn’t (S/O to my fellow disappointing NY Knicks fans out there). Even for the f*ckboi’s like myself who still struggle through the ownership of an XBOX360 instead of the brand new, next-gen devices, the game still remains as fun, and advanced as ever.  The team over at 2K Sports has managed to continue to interpolate a ton of cool new features and settings, keeping fans intrigued after years of installments. In fact, a fellow dissapointed NY Knicks fan by the name of Spike Lee was instrumental in making this year’s “MyCareer” mode even better, by having the legendary film-maker help add more of a story element to the fan-favourite mode.

Check out a trailer below, and be sure to pick up your copy of 2k16 today, available just about anywhere. If you’re feeling brave, add your boy “Hospey” on Xbox live, to get this work, unofficially.

Who We’re Following: Jack The Ripper Customs

When it comes to the dopest of the dope in the elusive game of shoe customization, none are quite as clean as the local Calgary customizer who goes by the name of Jack The Ripper. The self proclaimed “grail-maker” is the by-product of creativity, an eye for style, a steady hand… and lots of python (I’ve personally heard the dude discuss the concept of snake-skin eyebrows). From his Red October/750 Boost custom, to his murdered out Jordan 11’s, to his recent Fragment 1 killers, the dude has obvious talent. Already drawing attention from the likes of Complex mag, and SneakerBarDetroit, to name a few, Jack (real name Jerry… If I’m allowed to say that), is poised to success, while seemingly seamlessly creating classics.

With some big sneaker projects ahead, and some exclusive RLGT collabs due very soon, expect to hear the name “Jack The Ripper” like the year is 1888 (Corny joke game brazy). Check out a few pics of his work in the gallery below, and be sure to head over to the gram and toss the man a follow to see what he’s cooking up next!

What We’re Watching: LZ BMX

What do you get when you combine BMX riding, teenage hilarity, fast cars, pretty girlfriends, and seemingly frequent awkward dialogue? You get the video webisodes that document the life of recent Stranger pro, Adam LZ, of course. Garnering over 300k subscribers, and over 39 million views, LZ BMX has become a staple channel in the YouTube community. While the hate is unavoidable, Adam is one of the few YouTubers to roll with the punches, while maintaining a level of professionalism and a smile on his face. You don’t have to be a fan of extreme sports to get a kick of these webisodes.

Check out one of the recent webisodes, where Adam just so happens to take a trip up north to Canada, where he cruises around Toronto and puts on a show for the kids. Head over to LZ BMX on Youtube to see more of Adam (and Nicole), weekly!

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