RLGT 100 Word Review: Supa Bwe – The Dead Occasion

Hey kids. We at the best site north of the Bow have made the executive decision to shift the focus of our 100 Word Reviews to put on some albums that may have flown under your radar. Because isn’t that the point of all this? Apart, of course, from getting a co-sign from Kanye, helping him design shoes and ultimately becoming his creative muse (but that goes without saying…).

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redleafgoldteeth 100 Word Review:

Supa Bwe – The Dead Occasion

When Hurt Everybody released their self-titled debut EP last year, they captured the sound of a Chicago that isn’t getting vitamin D from Chance’s sunny demeanor or dodging bullets from the East side. This week Supa Bwe – the lead producer/rapper/Khaleesi fanatic – released his dolo debut The Dead Occasion, and continues to push what won’t be the cities next reverberation. But maybe they should. Bwe has a knack for crafting beautiful melodies out of the darkness that comes from too much time in grungy streets. While it’s more of a collection of ideas than a proper album, and the penmanship could use some work, these are ideas worth mulling over. Their foreign to the upper world because that’s not where it was birthed. This is what rap sounds like when it’s festered in shadows and crawled out of the gutter.

Rating: 75/100

Standout Track: “Taxi” -Despite not getting the first verse (it’s taken by the other vocal half of Hurt Everybody), Taxi is one of the best introduction to what Supa Bwe does best: simple melodies wrapped in reverb and echoes, slyly peaks of the darker aspects of the pretty production that engulfs it. The rapping may sound offbeat at first, but you’ll come to realize that when a beat allows this much breathing room, offbeat is more a state-of-mind than a faux pas.

Be sure to cop the Hurt Everybody EP, and this years 2K47 as well.


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