Ray To Riches: Volume 1

Hello, and welcome. To start you off right, this is the highly anticipated upgraded version of NextWeeksNewBeats (not really, but really.) It looks like the RLGT fam has finally come to their senses and let me run my own segment. I was primarily constructing the NextWeekNewBeats playlists previously, and week-after-week, I was hearing some great feedback about it and thus, will continue to make magic with all the future playlists. It’s relieving to know that some people out there actually fuck with my taste in music.

Week after week I will put forth a playlist, and instead of giving descriptions of all the songs like I did before (because I don’t think anyone read actually read them), I’m going to take my life in a week and sum it all up with one particular random story. Whatever the content or the mood of the story may be, I hope that y’all enjoy the read.

1 week. 1 story. 7 days. 7 songs. This is…

Ray To Riches: Volume 1

Date: Wednesday, October 7th, 2015
Topic: What it means to be successful

On my second day back to Calgary from Edmonton, I had the chance to meet up with three special individuals. To paint the scene for you: it was 9:30pm and we were sitting at the back of an over-sized table at a HK style cafe with a lot of cold empty seats around us. For almost three straight hours, it was a back-and-forth conversation between the four of us about a whole slew of topics that quickly turned the food cold and unappetizing. It was one of the most memorable conversations I’ve ever had the opportunity to be apart of.

When it came down to the end of the night (around 12am), we decided to do a round-table about something specific that we’ve learned about ourselves in the past year or so. What I had answered made me realize the changes that have recently occurred in my life. I was always so stuck up in the past and allowed the negativity in my life to linger into my daily consciousness. It’s mind blowing to find out that my entire perspective on life was flipped upside down in result to an on-the-spot Q&A with some close friends.

This is what I said: “Through all the challenges and different circumstances I’ve been involved in the last year, it has made me reassure myself that I’m the only one that can pave my own way to success.” Two points about this statement. 1) I’ve previously lived under the assumption that I’ve always depended on someone to help and guide me through the good times ad the bad. This is not a bad thing but I believe that self-empowerment is MY answer to attaining whatever I seek for. 2) In order for me to evolve to a better self, I think it’s imperative to pick and choose who you’ll surround yourself with. It’s either you fuck with my philosophy or I turn my head away from you, because there’s no room in my life or in anyone’s life for negative vibes.

– Raymond

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