Watch: Roy Woods – Jealousy

Check out the latest visual off of Roy Woods’ debut project, Exis EP.

If you can recall, Roy Wood’s Exis is an honorary member of the “100 Word Reviews” club (remind yourself of that wonderful project and review, by clicking here). Two months later with some tinnnny Drizzy Drake co-signs, and some time to let us sink into the voice of Roy, “Jealousy” might actually be a candidate for one of the most attaching videos I’ve seen this year. Indulge with me, below.

Dope, right? I mean it’s not like the video has any quality to it whatsoever. It looks like it was mostly shot in a random parking lot with an iPhone 3GS. To add onto it, the camera is zoomed way too far into his face, making me unbelievably uncomfortable to the point where I feel like this guy is about to lip-peck me any moment. But honestly, all of these reasons are why I think this video is so dope. You let the song speak for itself. This whole “idgaf” attitude kind of gives another element to the meaning of the song “Jealousy”. It just seems so mystical in a very nonchalant fashion that has me mind boggled at this video.

OVO: 1, Raymond: 0

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