Ray to Riches: Volume 2

#WATTBA. After spending Thanksgiving weekend in Calgary, I have returned to Edmonton to continue on with my duties as a top secret FBI agent. Whenever I’m not hacking into your phone taps, or solving world hunger and fixing corruption around the nation, on my spare time I like to take some time and share some music with you guys. Last week.

If this is your first time here, let me explain. Week after week I will put forth a playlist and instead of giving descriptions of all the songs like I did before (because I don’t think anyone read actually read them), I’m going to take my life in a week and sum it all up with one particular random story. Whatever the content or the mood of the story may be, I hope that y’all enjoy the read.

1 week. 1 story. 7 days. 7 songs. This is,

Ray to Riches: Volume 2

“Get uncomfortable with yourself and try out new things that will push your limits and boundaries.”

Date: October 15th, 2015
Topic: Stay in school

I suspect that most of those who are reading this are currently students. If not, please do not worry. I’m sure you can still relate. This story in no way compares to the work that Husson pieced together about his thoughts on education a few weeks back. I’m going to use this week’s story to briefly communicate my current thoughts on the education system we have now, and how it should be treated as one of the greatest gifts ever.

Simply put, enjoy the time that you are in school. Yes, it is an extraordinary rewarding feeling to have the opportunity to learn a myriad of topics including arts to sciences. However, school is so much more than that. Trust me when I say this, but it took me over 12 years in school for me to realize the greater advantages of the education system.

Going to school, we are constantly surrounded by like-minded individuals. Don’t stay confined in your room or a small table at the library studying for countless hours. Instead, join extracurricular activities that focus on group interaction. Participate in a sport, go to the gym. If you’re still just as worried as me to get the grades then form a study group with some friends and classmates. Go to parties, concerts, festivals, markets, events, social gatherings, museums, galleries, etc. Get uncomfortable with yourself and try out new things that will push your limits and boundaries.

Why do this? I regret not putting myself forward at a younger age. I feel like I’ve missed a lot of opportunities to learn about about the world and myself. Having realized the possibilities after all those years past is disappointing to an extent but I’m ready to move on. As some of you may now, I have taken the year off to pursue my internship. It’s my first taste of what it’s like to live without school in your life. It’s opened my eyes to the fact that school is probably the only institution within your lifetime that grants the chance for people to explore yourself to such an extent in a harmonious environment with compatible individuals.

Moral of the story: You’re never too cool for school. Set yourself free and create meaningful relationships with others.


– Raymond


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